Liberals Block Efforts to Stop Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is one of the great human rights violations of our time.

It’s unbelievable how women and especially children are so terribly abused…and the U.S. government is not doing its job of protecting their innocence.

That’s why Senator John Cornyn and others created the Justice for Victims of the Human Trafficking Act.

This new legislation is a simple, positive step. It’s just one of many Acts to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

But the liberals and progressives are willing to allow the tragedy of human trafficking to continue because of one issue…abortion.

For almost 40 years, US policy has stated that tax payers’ dollars are not to be used to kill unborn children.

It’s written in the federal law: it’s called the Hyde Amendment.

This part of US policy is for people who object to abortion and therefore are not forced to pay taxes for it. It’s the ongoing battle over when life begins.

This Bill adds nothing that’s new in regards to abortion. It’s normal policy.

But the progressive left, driven by ideology and not reality, are trying to stop this very much needed, life-saving Bill.

Write or call your Senators and let them know that you support the Justice for Victims of the Human Trafficking Act and want the bill to go forward to a vote.

What do you think?

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