IRS Scandal: The Result Of Big Government – Watch Video

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Recent IRS scandal has placed our First Amendment rights at risk

Big government is not the answer to our problems.

   In fact, it is the problem.

No better example makes this clearer than the recent IRS abuse of power.

Since 2011, the IRS has been targeting Christian organizations and conservative groups with audits, denying them as nonprofits and even releasing private donor information. The IRS has even targeted audits for those who have openly criticized the current government administration.

   It’s wrong. It’s unethical. It’s a danger to everyone’s freedom—Democrat, Republican, Independent—everyone.

That the bureaucrats are using the IRS for political favors is not surprising—as Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

   The government is not accountable and is running without controls.

This Washington corruption permeates the entire IRS. They refuse to disclose all the requested information for an investigation, and they hide details and facts.

It’s been the whistleblowers who have been allowing light to be shed on this abusive power. And promises by President Obama, the administration and the head of the IRS have been all words and no substance.

Here is a recent video by The Heritage Foundation showing the cost of Big Government. It’s about 2 minutes. Click here to watch it.

What do you think about the recent scandals? Do you believe they’re an infringement on your rights? Email your thoughts to me

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