Injustice: Corrupt Clinton and The Deep State — 7 Things You Should Know About the Russian Hoax/Clinton Trial… 3 Good… 4 Bad

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Mix in an Obama appointed, ideologically driven, and partisan judge…

A Pro-Hillary, partisan jury…

And a BIG LIE…

What do you get?

“Not guilty”.


Here are 7 things you should Know… 3 good things and 4 bad things:

#1. GOOD: The big lie — The Hoax of the century exposed.

The trial proved, with new evidence, that the Russian/Trump collusion was a hoax — The hoax of the century.

The entire idea that Russia was behind Trump was a made-up political narrative from the Clinton campaign to mislead America and win an election… Then, after the election, to destroy President Trump.

Special Council John Durham’s first charge against the conspiracy was Clinton’s lawyer, Michael Sussmann. He was charged with lying to the FBI so they would investigate the Steele dossier and the entire hoax.

Unfortunately, Sussmann was found “not guilty”.

Sussman was a very small player in a bigger conspiracy and abuse of power by the government.

So, members of Congress and the biased media continued to peddle the lie. When a tainted jury found Sussmann “not guilty” of lying to the FBI about his association with Clinton, the hoax revelation is being covered up and distorted as to discount the entire Durham investigation and reinforce the Democrat and biased media’s narrative that there was no hoax.

#2: GOOD: Clinton’s knowledge and involvement in the hoax is now clear, as well as power over the FBI.

Although Sussmann was acquitted, it wasn’t a complete loss for the Durham team.

The trial did uncover jaw-dropping news that Hillary Clinton personally approved releasing the Alta Bank/Russia collusion allegations/documents to the media, even though the campaign knew that the information was bogus. Former Clinton campaign chairman Robby Mook gave his testimony under oath, we now verified Hillary’s personal involvement — the origin of the scheme was exposed.

In fact, the power and influence Sussmann had over the FBI was proven… And it’s shocking.

Sussmann had a security badge to enter the FBI whenever he wanted and had easy access to key employees in the department.

For example, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) computer network was hacked, and Clinton and her team blamed Russia, although no proof was ever produced, and the FBI could find no proof.

When the FBI was about to send out a press release about the investigation into the DCCC “hacking”, they sent a copy to Sussmann, who then changed the press release to make it sound more concreate, that it did happen.

Speculation still exists that it may have been an inside job, not a cyber-attack. No one knows.

#3: GOOD: The acquittal was disappointing, but more exposure is yet to come.

Another case with a different judge and more impartial jury will soon begin.

The next trial will be in October, in Virginia. Igor Danchenko, a Russian analyst is accused of lying to the FBI in connection with the Russian collusion plot.

Plus, another desperate move may be ahead. The non-guilty verdict will probably prompt Democrats to petition Attorney General Merrick Garland to shut down Durham’s investigation.

#4: BAD: Sussman found not guilty.

The trial of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was a disappointment, but not a surprise. The jury found Sussmann “not guilty”.

Special Council, John Durham, charged Sussmann with lying to the FBI’s General Counsel James Baker.

According to the charges, Sussmann told Baker that he was not working on behalf of any client, although it was really Clinton, and presented Baker with 2 thumb drives and documents with evidence he said showed secret communications between Russia’s Alpha Bank and the Trump Organization— All made up.

The media and Democrat politicians drummed into the public saying that Trump had a secret hotline to Putin.

Sadly, the outcome of the trial was predictable, because of the biased jury and judge…

#5: BAD: Why the jury was rigged.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said, “With the exception of randomly selecting people out of DNC headquarters, you could not come up with a worse jury.”

The Jury had:

  • 3 Clinton Doners.
  • An AOC doner.
  • A woman whose daughter is on the same sports team as Sussmann’s daughter.
  • A Clinton Campaign worker,
  • and pro-socialist democrats.
    For example, one juror said that “the legal system is racist” and “police departments should be defunded.”

Jurors were presented with evidence including billing records showing that Sussmann billed the Clinton campaign for the 2 thumb drives and the FBI meeting.

Prosecutor Jonathan Algor said during closing arguments, “It wasn’t about national security. It was about promoting opposition research against the opposition candidate Donald Trump.” The More than 20 witnesses detailed the activities of Sussmann, and others, who promoted the false theory that servers at the Trump Organization were secretly communicating with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After the verdict, one of the woman jurors said “I don’t think it should have been prosecuted. There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI.”

The jury was biased.

The trial venue should have been relocated outside of Washington D.C., where a fairer jury could have been chosen.

It would have been a miracle if Sussmann was found guilty with this jury.

The jury ignored the facts and evidence and repudiated the rule of law.

#6: BAD: The judge was biased. He protected Clinton and the Deep State.

The trial was held before Judge Christopher Cooper in the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C.

Cooper was appointed to the federal bench by President Barack Obama.

In addition to strong Democrat ties, Cooper had a professional friendship with the defendant Sussmann.

Cooper’s wife represented FBI lawyer Lisa Page (She was a lead on the Russia case when it started in summer 2016, and helped it transition to Mueller through the summer of 2017).

Cooper should have recused himself from the trial.

During the trial Cooper ruled that the 38 emails (out of hundreds), and other vital information, exchanged between lawyer Michael Sussmann, the Clinton campaign, and opposition research firm Fusion GPS were inadmissible.

#7: BAD: The deep state protected itself.

The defense called to the stand four former Justice Department officials. Two who stated they couldn’t recall any key conversations involving political ties to Sussman, and two other witnesses, who testified about Sussmann’s sterling character and integrity. They also claimed that they knew nothing about any evidence presented by the prosecution about Sussman.

This court drama further exposed the politicized and corrupt Department of Justice, and the FBI.

It showed the abuse of power. It showed its corruption by ideological government employees. The DOJ and the FBI knew all was a lie and a political game.

The Deep State protected itself. The judge… The FBI… The jury. It’s not right and a double standard. If the party affiliation were different, people would be in jail.

Bottomline, the judge protected the corrupt FBI and CIA. He let a guilty politician go free.

The jury was prejudice and biased… The entire case should be nullified.

However, the truth is now on public record — The Trump/Russian collusion story was a hoax originated by the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton strategy did incredible damage to America and the Trump administration.

Worse than Watergate — The hoax of the century.


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