Adversely Impacting Small Enterprises, Eliminating Jobs vs. Salary Boosts and Entrepreneurial Opportunities—Top States/Bottom States.

Hurting Small Businesses, Killing Jobs vs. Wage Increases and Entrepreneurships—Best States/Worst States.

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Government policies like excessive taxes are killing jobs and wage increases.

Entrepreneurs also find it impossible to succeed.

That’s why so many companies leave their families and friends, and move to more business-friendly states.

States like California, with the worst business climate, lose an average of 5.5 businesses a week.

Here are the most business-friendly states:

  1. South Dakota
  2. Nevada
  3. Texas
  4. Wyoming
  5. Washington
  6. Florida
  7. Alabama
  8. Ohio
  9. Colorado
  10. Alaska
  11. North Carolina
  12. Indiana
  13. Arizona
  14. Michigan
  15. Utah

These states are at the bottom of the rung for business friendliness:

  1. Nebraska
  2. Connecticut
  3. Maine
  4. Oregon
  5. Vermont
  6. New York
  7. Hawaii
  8. Iowa
  9. Minnesota
  10. New Jersey
  11. California

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  1. I’m surprised by Nebraska and Iowa on the worst list and be Washington on the best list. This news put Washington on my list to consider when I bail out of the California Peoples’ Republic.

    1. Arizona is where I’d like to move to, but, of course, my wife has all her family here in Californicate, so we’re staying, unfortunately. I’m sick to death of the crappy politics here in this state. Two-thirds of the voters voted for Hillary and one-third voted for Trump. What does THAT tell you?? AND these ignoramuses voted FOR legalized pot!! So, now, we’re going to have even MORE accidents on the roads. Idiots. Ah, the land of fruits, nuts and flakes, for sure.

  2. I’m surprised California is not at the top of the “bottom” list. I am waiting to hightail it out of California as soon as I retire.

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