Huey Report Top Special Reports and Interviews of 2019

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Top 4 Special Reports of 2019

  1. Special Report: 4 Disturbing and Little-Known Reasons the Progressives Won in 2018… And 5 Actions to Stop the coming “Blue Tsunami” in 2020
  1. Special Report: 10 Shocking Facts Every American Should Know About the Muller Report
  1. Special Report: Mass Shooting Epidemic: No One Dare Call it Evil: 14 Realities the Media Won’t Talk About
  1. Special Report: Church Ballot Harvesting: A Guide to Transforming the Election of 2020 – 9 Strategic Solutions

Top Radio/TV Interviews

9. What is the Deep State and Why it Matters: My C-SPAN TV Interview 

8. Renaissance Man Podcast interview 

7. Newsmax TV – The Deep State: What it is and What it Wants [Video] 

6. The Deep State and the War on Christianity [Audio] 

5. Socialism vs Free-Market Capitalism: The Deep State Road to Serfdom

4. Watch My Latest Interview on the Brad Dacus Radio Show 

3. Church Ballot Harvesting: The Interview that Will Shock Every Church 

2. Stopping the War on Christianity: My New TV Interview on the Christian Vote and Ballot Harvesting 

1. Socialism, High Taxes, and Nanny State: Watch Maria Bartiromo Surprising Realization During My Fox Interview [Video]

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