Challenges Millennials Face: Four Obstacles to Success

How Millennials Are Losing … Four Roadblocks to Winning

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Bad Job Prospects.

Insurmountable debt.

No dreams or vision for success.

Millennials are not facing the future a strong prospects for success in life.

I am the father of five Millennials. Over 70% of their friends live with their parents, have part-time job or low-paying jobs with work unrelated to their degree.

And most have figured out ways to get multiple revenues from you, the taxpayers:

Free phones, food stamps, and so much more.

Here are three major roadblocks to Millennial success:

1. Colleges are robbing students. The tuition for a four-year university has skyrocketed. More government aid has made college more expensive, even unaffordable. The education students receive is so paltry and useless, most young people are economically illiterate as well as poor. And then they have more debt which is almost impossible to pay off.

2. Killing jobs. Minimum wage laws, regulations, and high taxation combined have destroyed job opportunities.

3. Killing opportunity. The United States federal and state governments have continued to throw more hindrances to starting a new business by Millennial entrepreneurs. I own an ad agency, started when I was a Millennial. I would have not been able to start it with today’s government roadblocks.

4. The federal government continues growing. Federal debt is approaching twenty trillion because of Social Security and Medicare, and Millennials are paying for it! This is inter-generational theft!

Is there any hope for the Millennial generation? Yes, by expanding liberty, not socialism and big government programs.

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