How the Progressive Left is Successfully Hijacking the California Governor’s Race to Put Two Democrats on Top

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Elections can be dirty.

Too often, they are corrupted by distortions, lies and half-truths about candidates.

It’s sad, but true: Many voters – even educated and informed individuals – believe lies that are spread by dishonest campaign consultants and political activists.

So, they vote for the wrong candidate … without knowing they have been manipulated and misinformed.

In a dirty election, truth and integrity are tossed out the window. Citizens are robbed of their voice. And dishonest, power-hungry politicians win.

For readers in California, this article is critical…For those outside California, you’ll be amazed at how corrupt politics can be.

Please take the time to read it carefully and completely.

The race for Governor of California has become a dirty campaign for progressive Democrats.

In an effort to make sure two Democrats are on the November ballot for Governor, Progressive Democrats are trying to destroy the Republican candidate who is most likely to win one of the top two spots in the Primary.

John Cox is currently tied with Antonio Villaraigosa for the #2 spot in the pre-Primary polling.

The campaign against Cox is completely false. It’s fueled by lies and absurd distortions of truth.

But with millions of dollars in funding behind them, the progressive Democrats are succeeding in manipulating potentially millions of Conservatives.

Let me explain:

The Progressive political elite have always believed that the most popular and well-known Democrat candidates – Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa – would be the top two candidates in the Governor’s race.

They never worried about a Republican candidate, until John Cox rose to #2…and the progressives started to panic…

And they started to play dirty to ensure they win.

One specific organization – the California Charter Schools Association Advocates – wanted to ensure that Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa – the only Democrat who supports charter schools – would rise to the top. So, to make sure that their own aims succeed – and that a Democrat becomes governor – this association began pouring massive funding into a fraudulent, multi-million dollar campaign attacking John Cox.

First, they spent nearly $4 million on two direct mailers that picture John Cox and accuse him of being a former “Democratic activist.” They attack him on several accounts.

I fact-checked every single issue. None of them are true…Most are absolutely ludicrous. Here’s a mailer, below.

john cox

Notice the headline; It intends to tarnish his name by mentioning “Chicago” and “Democrat.”

Is John Cox secretly a Democrat? Was he recently a Democrat? The implication is “Yes.”

In reality, Cox was a registered Democrat at one time – at the age of 21, in the late 1970’s. By the time he was 26, he was a registered Republican—and has been a Republican ever since. He even ran for the Senate as a registered Republican against Barack Obama.

The mailer also lists items on Cox’s “Liberal Record,” including the lie that he has ties to George Soros.

The source of this lie comes from the fact that Cox had given money to a group to help him pass a proposition on the California ballot that never gathered enough signatures to reach the ballot. George Soros had also given money to the same group for another purpose. So, Villaraigosa and the California Charter Schools Association Advocates distorted this fact to say that Cox is connected to Soros.

One of the other lies being spread about Cox is that he supports a high minimum wage.

John Cox is a strong advocate for the free market. He supported Ted Cruz for President, and he has actively been promoting the Club for Growth for 20 years, a free market think tank and political group in Washington DC.

He was also very active in the Jack Kemp for President campaign and worked with Kemp in the Reagan years.

John Cox is hardly a Democrat. But much of the state – which is already voting by mail – are believing these lies.

These types of mailers are one of the most effective ways that candidates are attacked and discredited … and they are not uncommon.

I even created a video on slate mailers (watch here). A slate mailer being circulated now says “Official Republican Voter Guide.” It contains a picture of a letter from the Republican party … a donation opportunity on another page … and finally, marked ballots choosing Progressive Liberals, not Republicans.

It’s not obvious that the candidates marked are Democrats.

The goal is for Conservatives who receive this mailer to use it to vote—for Democratic candidates who don’t support their values.

This is the type of marketing that is being used by Progressives. They are falsely attacking Cox as a “Democratic Activist” when in reality, they are Democratic activists themselves.

But the fine print on the bottom of the Villaraigosa mailer about Cox tells a different story.

It says:
Paid for by Families & Teachers for Antonio Villaraigosa for Governor 2018, sponsored by California Charter Schools Association Advocates

Villaraigosa and his corrupt campaign didn’t limit their efforts only to mail.

Here’s “part two” of their hate-fueled campaign: The California Charter Schools Association is also spending $1 million to make vicious, dishonest phone calls to Republicans that spread the same hateful lies about John Cox.

Right now in California, millions of Conservatives who care about the Second Amendment, the right to life and other issues are being called and told,

“Hello Mrs. Jones. I wanted to let you know that John Cox is financed by George Soros, and he opposes your right to own guns.”

These phone operators know your values, and they will target you with these lie-filled phone calls.

In reality, John Cox is a supporter of the second amendment and gets an A from the NRA. He has never donated to George Soros. In fact, John Cox is the polar opposite of George Soros in his values, positions and ideology.

The extreme distortion of truth being used by his political opponents – both Republicans and Democrats – is dishonest and shocking.

Here’s another lie that these telemarketers are telling Conservatives all over the state:

“Hello, Mr. George. I know you’re against abortion, and I have to tell you, John Cox has been inconsistent and can’t be trusted. He will not do anything about abortion. That’s why so many pastors are opposed to him.”

The truth is, most pastors, Church leaders and pro-life leaders support John Cox. He’s the only one who has won the endorsement of pro-life groups, including the Pro-life Council.

These types of phone calls, direct mail pieces, emails and Facebook posts are politically-motivated, fake news.

Unfortunately, this type of libel in a campaign is not unique.

It reminds me of the time I ran for office, and political opponents showed “my house” – a mansion in Miami with a yacht in the backyard. In reality, I live in a 1954 ranch-style house.

In the same campaign, I was accused of being financially corrupt because I had a former investment newsletter client who was sued by a shareholder. I hadn’t worked with this client in years.

But my opponents didn’t care about truth. They cared about ensuring that their political and ideological aims succeeded.

Likewise, Villaraigosa and the progressive Democrats are using deceit as a weapon against their opponents…and succeeding.

Conservative voters must not fall for these lies.

The sad truth is, many people are believing the hateful, false propaganda being spread by people who do not share their values.

I have received hundreds of emails from people who are warning me about Cox being a Democrat and friend of George Soros. They have been exposed to the lies being spread about Cox by the Progressive left.

Many have encouraged me to support Republican Travis Allen, who doesn’t have a chance of winning.

In reality, Travis Allen and John Cox are almost identical on the political and economic positions they hold (see comparison chart below).

john coxJohn Cox and Travis Allen do have three important differences:

  1. President Trump has endorsed John Cox.
  2. John Cox has consistently been #2 in the major polls. Travis Allen is at #5.
  3. John Cox has over $6 million. Travis Allen in the last reporting had about $140,000 and some $40,000 in debt.

Travis Allen cannot run a viable campaign. He has been consistently #5 or #6 in the polls. Donald Trump wants a winner, so he chose John Cox.

Voting for Allen in the primaries will help ensure that Cox doesn’t win – and that the top two candidates will be Democrats. Voting for Travis Allen, or any other Republican except for John Cox, is basically a vote for Antonio Villaraigosa.

It’s exactly what the Progressive liberals want.

Don’t be fooled by political direct mail.

Don’t be fooled by the lies that may be coming through your telephone.

This is all part of a deceitful political campaign meant to ensure that Villaraigosa wins the #2 in the primary… so that he has a chance at beating Gavin Newsom. It would also mean that John Cox – or any Republican – will not be the next Governor.

And your free-market, pro-family, pro-freedom values will not be supported.

Instead, California will continue down the same dangerous path of economic and moral destruction.
This makes it all the more important that you vote in the California primary on June 5th.

If you sit out the primary election and don’t vote, you are basically choosing another progressive Democrat to be the next Governor of California.

Incidentally, if you need recommendations for all of the California races, please view our Voter Recommendations for the June primaries.

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  1. According to the article, both Cox and Travis Allen have similar conservative positions. Having seen Cox repeatedly interviewed, he never seems to have a discernable position and has to be reminded by the interviewer what he supposedly stands for. Travis Allen is outspoken about where he stands and what he believes.

    The article contends that Cox has $millions and Allen, a little over $100,000, so we must vote for Cox. However, if Allen becomes the GOP nominee, money will flow in. In Allen’s favor, he’s been all over the state supporting the election of other Republican conservatives. What’s Cox’s record? Nada.

    I’m supporting Travis Allen because he shows me that he wants it as much as we conservatives want a conservative win; Cox looks like he needs electroshock to come out of his stupor!

    Conservatives need to ignore the Gavin Nuisance promotion of Cox. Newsom wants a soft target in the general, not a fighter like Travis Allen.

    1. Mr. John Weiland writes “However, if Allen becomes the GOP nominee,” and thereby shows he is not understanding the article or how the California primaries work.

      THERE IS NO GOP NOMINEE. This is not a case of Cox vs Allen and the winner faces Newsom. This is a case where THE TOP TWO advance to the general election, regardless of party. If you vote for Allen YOU WON’T GET HIM. You will get a general election that is Newsom vs Villaraigosa. Allen is fifth in the polls and completely unable to finish in the top two. This isn’t a case like Trump where the polls are wrong. Trump was a celebrity. Nobody knows who Allen is, while Cox at least is already making a name for himself with ads and appearances. It is imperative that conservatives vote for Cox to get Newsom vs Cox instead. Beating Newsom in the general will still be unlikely, but at least then Republicans have an option.

    2. Travis Allen is the only clear choice for Governor,,time to vote out Swamp Rats like pelosi,waters,harris..
      Make California Golden again

    1. A vote for Travis Allen is a vote for Anthony Villagairosa. Villagairosa is ACTUALLY SENDING MAILERS TO CONSERVATIVES TELLING THEM TO VOTE FOR ALLEN.
      Think about that and ask yourself if you want Villagairosa on your conscience.

  2. Travis Allen is who most Christians I know are voting for…. he is less of a professional politician and more passionately about his conservative stance…. your article missed the mark and is out of sync with reality

    1. The reality is simple: Travis will NOT make the runoff, but Cox has a good chance of doing so. A vote for Travis is a vote for two Democrats in the runoff.

      1. Noway Cox can win. He is the loser throughout his political career! Allen will win landslide for sure as I predicted for Trump two years ago.

    2. Most Christians I know are voting for John Cox, because they understand that Travis Allen is in this just for himself. It is all about him. He cannot be trusted. John Cox can be trusted. John Cox, a conservative Republican for as Long as I have been, is in this to help people. And his record proves it ( John Cox spent $250,000 on Carl De Maio’s Gas Tax Repeal, Has spent time, much money and effort on his two initiatives that he has supported to get on the ballot in CA. Neither had anything to do with advancing Cox’s own fortunes or interests).

      Travis Allen has run a dirty campaign. Most of the lies about John Cox that are being told know as mentioned in this article ORIGINATED from Travis Allen’s campaign.

  3. What a clever ploy by the enemy, using his favorite manipulation tool for division —- “Politics” —- by the evidence discovered through Craig Huey and spread by my brother Joseph …

    [[[“Joseph’s May 25th post: on Facebook “Poli-Ticks Buster” Group:

    It appears the Democrats in California are afraid of John Cox for Governor. The Democrats are trying to split the vote so they now are advertising for Travis Allen. I received a large advertisement stating Travis Allen California Conservative Republican for Governor which was paid for by:

    “Paid for by Families & Teachers for Antonio Villaraigosa for Governor 2018, sponsored by California Charter Schools Association Advocates.” (BTW: Antonio Villaraigosa is a registered Democrat) ~!!!SURPRISE!!!~

    Democrats trying to take votes away from John Cox and split the vote. It appears John Cox has the funds and polling to at least be second place in the primary but the Democrats want two Democrats to win the primary. Evil works in deceitful ways!!”]]]

    ((::The author of rebellion strikes again… born from the original rebellion against Sovereign Order::))

    A little bit of twisted deceptive strategy concocted by the Demoncratic mentality is DEMONstrated here in trying to steer people into dividing the Conservative votes to weaken the chance for the RIGHT to represented in the California general election — The reason behind the perfect sabotage scheme by the author of chaos, deception, confusion and disorder —– The tactical ploy of manipulation.

    It’s a shame the Conservative Right can not stand together — starting with these two gentlemen —- to unite our cause by a mutually beneficial arrangement … like, say joining in the fight against the counter-political interest. Since Craig Huey and the Trump Administration already support one candidate and if the Democrats strategically prefer the other one over that one in hopes to win the office, place that strength on top and the second as the Lieutenant.

  4. Telling us as Republicans to vote for Cox is poppycock! Some of the information is credible, but Cox can’t win, won’t win and is the worst candidate for Governor that California has ever seen in my opinion. The choice to choose Travis Allen is so clear and compelling so joining with his tens of thousands of grassroots volunteers is the ONLY way to possibly take the second spot and then go after Newsom. This article and its support of Cox will help speed Republican downfall. I urge readers to look at the facts and history of our two Republican candidates- your conclusion will be that Allen is credible and has a message that resonates. Cox needs to drop out and Republicans need to push this career failed candidate from Illinois with failed after failed after failed runs out of the race. What kind of guy with a losing record like his would even think of running for President?— Well that’s what he did. Watch the debate tapes, watch them in person, and I’m confident, like me, that Travis will be your choice. Every Republican needs to coalesce around Allen. I’m not on any campaign or committee, or paid political guy just a Republican voter who asks you to understand that a vote for Cox is the vote against the Republicans. Vote Allen- we have the Democrats running scared! Travis Allen can go toe- to-toe with Newsom and we will have a shot at the Governor’s Mansion. Mr Huey’s remarks would only be credible if the conclusion was to suggest you cast your vote for Allen.

      1. Yeah, right. He finished fourth just like all the scientific polling said he would. Sometimes the experts get it wrong, like they did with Trump, but the majority of the time they are right. (And technically, they were only wrong about Trump in 3 of 50 states… That’s how close it was.)

  5. Who out there knows–viably, honestly–the percentage–what hope–is there if both Republican candidates go for Governor? what percentage if only one of them runs? Why are we even having this conversation to begin with?
    Both candidates are viable candidates for governor. Who’s going to step down/aside to make sure a Republican candidate is in the running? Why won’t one step down?
    Two firemen are in a burning building. A baby is inside who may get burned up, if not rescued in time. Both firemen want to save the baby. Both firemen are trying to get through the door at the same time and neither is willing to step aside to let the other one get in and save the baby. The baby will die.
    Babies lives are at stake.
    Many lives are at stake.
    So much is at stake.
    The state is in ruin.
    Crime is up.
    Drug use is rampant and with legalized marijuana will ramp up problems even more.
    Taxes are through the roof.
    People are leaving because they can’t afford to live here.
    Who will step aside to save the baby? Who will step aside to give a chance to save this state with one Republican candidate?
    Or will the baby die?

    1. The only way a Republican will ever win a statewide office here in the foreseeable future is if Republicans finish one and two in the Primary while Democrats split votes with three plus candidates. Head to head in the general, we are guaranteed to lose. So instead of asking one Republican to step aside, we should be campaigning for both of them… and maybe taking a page from the left’s playbook and discouraging Dems from voting for Newsom in favor of their lower polling candidates.

      Since such an outcome seems highly unlikely, I will be voting for whichever Republican candidate has the best chance of ousting Villagairosa. While both Dems will be horrible governors, living in LA, it’s apparent to me that he’s the bigger nightmare.

  6. I agree Boyd & Charlene. Every newspaper, political pundit, everyone says if we split our GOP votes mathematically we have no chance of winning the second spot and moving on the the General Election. If we expand this and say Cox wins the second spot and goes against Gavin Newsom we once against lose in likely the biggest Democrat landslide ever. If Travis Allen wins the 2nd spot and goes up against Gavin Newsome we have a more than fighting chance with what I have heard is a 40,000 person grassroots organization to put up vs the Dems. Allen is an aggressive fighter exciting the base, and giving liberals big problems on the gas tax, sanctuary city status and multiple other issues, while Cox simply seems to be spending money and is a multi-political race loser coming in from out of state (Illinois) a short time ago. Please Mr. Cox consider backing out for the good of the Party and you may become a hero, otherwise it will most definitely be another agonizing defeat to put on your resume Sir. We need to unite against Newsom!

  7. At a local campaign event my husband asked John Cox that very question, “Since it is apparent that if two Republican candidates stay in the race, the vote will be split, and neither will win a top two spot, will you consider stepping down for the good of the party and California?” Mr. Cox answered, “No! I have put too much of my own money in this race to step down!” So, there you have it! In my opinion he’s the less viable candidate, but his ego and his money are more important than what we have at stake in this sinking ship we call California! Don’t split the vote! Only a vote for Travis Allen can give California a chance from continued liberal decimation.

    1. Nancy, Travis Allen has also said that he would not step down either. Just so you know. So if you won’t vote for Cox for that reason, you shouldn’t vote for Travis either.

    2. Why would the #2 guy get out of the race? Travis still won’t be #2; he’ll be #4 or 5. How will that help us? John Cox is not the devil, like Neil Kashkari was. I hope everyone will vote for whoever gets through. The Travis Allen supporters are so confrontational and believing all of the lies, I fear that they won’t vote for Cox in November. Candidates should really put their egos aside and only have one good one run in each race. Prop 14 has really screwed up our elections here in California; it needs to be repealed.

      1. And again Laurie…just to point out again…most of the lies that are being told about John Cox originated from Travis Allen’s campaign.

        As far as Prop 14 screwing up our elections, I agree. But everyone needs to know that Prop 14 “Top Two” primary was bought and paid for by Republican Charles Munger Jr. It is his baby. Hopefully, we can repeal it the next time around.

  8. Anthony Accetta makes lots of sense. The grassroots support that Travis Allen has is second to none. Cox has proven that he does not have the energy nor the grassroots support to win the general election. Should we get Newsom and Cox, Newsom will win in a landslide. Newsom has more money than Cox could ever hope for and democrats outnumber republicans that’s a fact. I would also admit that Allen is a long shot but having the energy to campaign and the grassroots support to get people to vote and convince independents to vote for him.

    1. You are blind. Allen is the best candidate for our Californians to take back California. The recent real survey from Leon Bradshaw, FB chat with me:

      “We just finished our own survey polls in the Bay Area Northern California on Saturday June 2, 2018. We broke up into 16 different teams across the bay area CA. The results Republicans we broke them down 3200 Republicans ask the same question who are they going to vote for! 2,473 said TRAVIS ALLEN, 640 said John Cox, 78 said other or undecided.

      We then ask 3,200 Democrats how are they going to vote. 1,643 said TRAVIS ALLEN, 962 GAVIN, 316 JOHN, 216 ANTONIO, 56 other or undecided. 832 Democrats said this is the first time I am voting GOP in my life.

      Then we asked 3200 Independence. 2186 said they’re voting Travis Allen ground, 280 said they’re voting John Cox, 43 said they’re voting for Gavin Newsom, 339 for Antonio, 352 undecided or other. Then we sat down and we found 3200 brand new voters this will be their first time voting First-time voters 3200/1375 for Travis Allen, 293 for John Cox, 736 for Gavin Newsom, 513 for Antonio, 283 undecided or other. Then we sat down and we found 3200 brand new voters this will be their first time voting.

      This survey poll was conducted by myself and my teams in the Bay Area all across the bay area. We split up in 16 different teams and asked a question who you going to vote for.

      This is a Grassroots Pole myself and the folks that have been working helping me. We did it ourselves. Just wanted to know what people are thinking.”

      1. Sounds to me like you need to study how to scientifically conduct polling, because your results are nowhere remotely near what happened. Either that or you just lied and made up your numbers.

  9. Well, I’ve already voted today & am happy with my vote! … I met Travis Allen at a meet-n-greet.. IMHO, he was only concerned about the DONATIONS… I went with an ”open mind” & left thinking that Travis THINKS he’s a Rock Star.. He gave a ”RALLY” fundraiser, not a MEET & GREET! He doesn’t seem to come up in the polls, doesn’t have enough money to get thru the General & it seems people are turned off because of his ”Arrogant Attitude”…. Just saying!!

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