How Anyone Can Change Impossible Political Situations: Craig’s Interview and Shelly’s Interview (Broadcast Interview with Bill Martinez)

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I just left the National Religious Broadcasters’ Convention in Dallas, Texas.

I’ll soon be telling you about some of the unique podcasts I created that you will want to listen to.

But while there, Bill Martinez on his nationally-syndicated broadcast to over 300 stations, interviewed my wife, Shelly, and then interviewed me.

Below are the links.

I hope you will listen especially to Shelly’s, it’s powerful.

Shelly explains some amazing, divine appointments and how you and anyone can be used by God in prayer.

She explains in a powerful, passionate way some stories of also giving people a Biblical word.

For example, what she said to President Trump caused him to say “Wow” and be amazed…you’ve got to listen to it.

You can listen to Shelly’s 11-minute interview HERE.  

In addition, Bill interviewed me.

We talked about the power of petitions and how one of the petitions we used help free a Christian mom from being hung, because she refused to renounce her belief and relationship in Jesus Christ.

I also talk about the persecuted church worldwide.

And I talk about life, adoption, and abortion.

And we discussed the non-negotiables that every Christian should consider to help shape their worldview, to help them be able to articulate positions, and how to vote.

This interview is about 18-minutes long.

I hope you listen to both.

I recommend listening to Shelly’s first, and then Bill Martinez picks up with comments about Shelly’s interview with me.

You can listen to my interview HERE.

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  1. Fabulous! I listened to both you and Shelly’s audio in Dallas. How encouraging! You and she are front liners that make a difference. I’m reaching out in my community with prayer walking. We have seen what we believe is God’s responses to this. Prayer is where the action is!

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