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Stop Disney’s Anti-Christian Little Demon Show [Urgent Petition]

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Disney has plunged to a new low with its advertising and marketing of a new cartoon series. Little Demons is by FXX, a subsidiary of Disney. It’s also streaming on Hulu, Star Original on Star+ and Disney+ internationally.

It’s an attack on Christians.

It’s a promotion of Satan.

It’s a new level of indoctrination to transform our culture and politics.

That’s why we have created a new, urgent petition.

Disney leadership has publicly and willingly corrupted its new movies, videos, and even Disneyland / Disney World to promote LGBTQ and socialist values.

This is the latest outrage.

Little Demon is about a mother who is impregnated by the Devil, and she and her anti-Christ daughter.

The show has graphic violence, nudity, foul language… and glorifies hell, demons, and the Devil.

The show is geared toward adults… children will inevitably watch.

Now Disney is allowing and aggressively marketing this new animated sitcom series directly promoting Satan and insulting Christian values.

I wrote about this in my article Disney Anti-Christian Indoctrination Escalation: And Now and Anti-Christ Cartoon Show – 5 Things You Should Know.

In the article, I said that there are 4 things you can do to help take this cartoon off the air:

  1. Pray that the program will be taken off the air.
  2. Pray that show does not get views, repeat viewers, and a series renewal.
  3. Sign our petition urging Disney to stop this show now. If we get millions to pressure Disney, they will back down. By signing our petition, you’ll get specific instructions on whom to write to, send an email to, call, and updates on the show’s status and sample prayers.
  4. Send the petition to your email list, distribute it at church, and post it on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.

Help us promote the petition nationwide.

We need help – your help – in promoting the petition.

And because we live in a free society, we have the tools to stop Disney from perverting our culture and society and from taking away our children’s innocence.

You can sign our petition.

Then send it to others on your email contact list, Facebook, and Instagram. Print it and distribute it.

Thanks in advance.

What do you think? Email me at

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  1. PLEASE, STOP THIS HEINOUS MOVIE, OUR kids don’t need another demonized movie!!!

    Have you guys not done enough damage to families, homes and kids already??

    Pls, stop or face the Hot wrath of God!!!

  2. My big family wants you to stop showing this demonic film before ruining many children’s life. Your historical good values are crushed, abandoned and destroyed by these kind of movies.

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