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Hamas’ Goal: Destroy Israel and Kill Every Jew and Christian… Not Just in Israel but Worldwide

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What’s behind the war on Israel?

You may be a Jew or a Christian, a “none” or something else.

But what Rev. Franklin Graham said about the war on Israel is true.

Reverend Franklin Graham, in fact, has a dire warning for the world:

“If you think what is happening in Israel is limited to Israel… Think again!”

Graham is warning Jews and Christians – and everyone around the world – Beware of Hamas. Their real plans are to kill every Jew and Christian on the planet.

Graham backed up his warning by posting a video of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar calling for every follower to “kill all Jews and Christians.”

“We just saw Hamas brutally murder thousands of Israelis, most civilians,” Graham wrote on his Twitter feed. “If you want to know what else they are after, the Hamas commander made it very clear. If you think what is happening is limited to Israel, think again.”

The video of al-Zahar shows the Hamas leader speaking directly to the camera:

“When we speak about the army of Jerusalem and the battle of the promise of the hereafter, we are not talking about liberating our land alone… but we believe in what our prophet Muhammad said. Allah drew the ends of the world near one another for my sake. And I have seen its eastern and western ends. The dominion of my nation would reach those ends that have been drawn near. The entire 510 million square kilometers of planet Earth will come under (a system) where there is no injustice, no oppression, no treachery, no Zionism, no treacherous Christianity, and no killings and crimes like those committed against the Palestinians and against the Arabs in all the Arabia countries– In Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and other countries. THE ENTIRE PLANET WILL BE UNDER OUR LAW.

There will be no more Jews or Christian traitors.”

They tell us where they stand and what they are about…

It’s about time we listened before it’s too late.

Special Report on Israel at war is coming—Plus a special podcast with Shelly and myself.

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  1. I believe God is in control and what He determines will come about I also believe the Rapture is very close, this war at this time is a Hamus-Hezbollah conflict God will prevail! We must pray for Peace for Israel

    1. Susan:

      I agree with you on all points. I just E-mailed a friend saying, in effect, the only solution for the Israel – Hamas war is for the Founder of these troubles to come back and, a la old saying, “Kill ’em all, and let God sort ’em out!” Hopefully you and I will have been transported in the Rapture by then.

    2. Nothing new under the sun. Read the Book of Esther. God rules and His kingdom will soon swallow up all the kingdoms of this world. Gonna happen!!

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