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Gun Control: Progressives Disconnect With Reality

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Progressives are religious – their god is the state.

Good in their eyes is a government that is large, controlling and able to impose progressive ideas on the ignorant masses.

They recognize evil in the world, but believe that man’s basic goodness will flourish within the right environment, created by the state.

Some progressives believe that the right government actions – within the proper enlargement of government – can perfect mankind.

Progressives particularly focus on gun control, since they believe that man should trust the state, but must not trust firearms in the hands of individuals.

It is clear they believe government can always protect you. But that’s a disconnect with reality.

It is a disconnect with reality to think criminals and terrorists will give up guns.

It is a disconnect with reality to believe that “gun free” zones protect you. They don’t.

Schools and other areas that ban weapons can be a killing field.

Some claim we need gun control because of horrific accidents. But they’re misinformed.

Accidental shooting deaths are relatively rare, notes John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

He says there are about 500 shooting deaths a year in this country.

Sound bad? About 400 Americans are killed by overdosing on acetaminophen each year (most of them suicides) and almost as many Americans drown in swimming pools.

Now the progressives are attacking a new pro-2nd Amendment commercial.


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  1. Craig,
    Great article. I really need to learn more about this “Progressive” movement. Can you tell me of a good source where I can get the truth about their agenda?
    I am not a collector of guns, I have had some in the past and I currently only have one handgun, but after watching Dana Loesch’s video I think I am going to share this on Facebook and I am thinking of joining the NRA.
    Thanks again for the heads up.

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