Government Propaganda: The $160 Million EPA PR Machine

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Your taxes are paying for government propaganda. Unscientific, false environmental-alarmist propaganda.

The Environmental Protection Agency – with its $160 million PR machine – shows that the bureaucracy does not exist just to protect the environment, but also to convince the country that the environment needs protecting – according to ideology and politics, not science.

Here are the shocking figures:

The EPA spent $15.1 million (of your tax dollars) for outside PR consultants.

From within the agency, the EPA spent $141.496 million on salaries and $1.5 million on bonuses – just on public affairs employees since 2007.

In 2012, the EPA had 198 public affairs employees. The average salary for these employees is $111,165. 198 propagandists!

The EPA is a bloated and unnecessary bureaucratic nightmare.

It’s a

  • $160 million PR machine
  • $715 million police agency
  • $1 billion employment agency for seniors
  • $1.2 billion law firm

This abuse of taxpayer dollars is completely unconstitutional. Your taxes are funding liberal propaganda promoted by this $160 million PR machine and frivolous lawsuits from the EPA’s $1.2 billion law firm.

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