Gas Prices! Which State Has the Highest Cost Thanks to Regulations and Taxes?

Craig Huey California 9 Comments

High gasoline prices hurt us all…

The poor and middle class suffer the most.

But fuel price increases also impact every business and every consumer … as the increasing costs of transportation – which add to the cost of production – are passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices for everything they buy.

In the past, Hawaii has always had the highest gas prices in the nation.

Not anymore.

California now has the highest gas prices. And its about to get worse.

On July 1, 2019, the California excise tax on motor fuels will increase by another 5 cents per gallon…

This follows on the heels of a 12-cent per gallon increase last year … and a 1-cent per gallon increase earlier this year.

But that’s not all…

On January 1, 2020, total state gasoline taxes could go up by as much as an additional 72 cents per gallon thanks to the 2013 California law on cap and trade … and a new additional adjustment for inflation.

Every April, California also sees an increase in gasoline prices due to:

  • Refinery shutdowns for annual maintenance
  • Refinery switchover from “winter blend” formulation to the “summer blend” formulation required by California state law

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the states with the highest average price for regular gasoline are:

  1. California: $4.016
  2. Hawaii: $3.586
  3. Washington: $3.424
  4. Oregon: $3.323
  5. Nevada: $3.323

And the states with the lowest:

  1. Louisiana: $2.543
  2. South Carolina: $2.533
  3. Arkansas: $2.533
  4. Mississippi: $2.520
  5. Alabama: $2.505

The national average price for regular gasoline is $2.83.

Compare that with California’s average price of $4.02.

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Comments 9

  1. Craig you do mention: “The poor and middle class suffer the most.”, but this is the unspoken part of that message that needs to be repeated over and over (especially to Democrat voters): It is the party of the Democrats that CLAIMS to be the party of the poor & middle class and yet it is the DEMOCRATS that continuously creates laws and taxes specifically that hurts that very segment of people they claim to support the most. Look at what a party does, not says before you vote next time.
    Thanks for all you do Craig.

  2. And Gavin Newson wonders why gas prices went up in California–my goodness he’s the Governor and he doesn’t even understand his own state. Thank you Craig for pointing out the consequences of the gas tax.

    1. Newsom doesn’t understand gas prices. How many potholes have you seen fixed with all this gas tax? Newsom says we have a housing shortage that really comes close to mirroring the illegal alien numbers. He either doesn’t want to know or is to stupid to know.

    2. Gavin newson is the one raising the taxes on gas. Last year there was a prop on the ballet to reduce the gas tax. G newson actually threatened the voters if the prop passed he would raise the already high DMV fees to get his $$$.

  3. The reasoning for increased fuel prices has me fooled as i see no real reason as we are one ,if not the leader in petroleum amounts. It’s the very fact oil companies saw we got a tax cut and thus they want their share. Unions got raises back in m6 day of .06 and next day bread went up .08cents so this is an old game business plays. To bad we don’t get cheaper import oil more refineries and watch prices recede back to where it belongs and oil companies will come down or shut their outdated refineries down. . This is nothing more than a oil co. Scam their pushing on us as they know we’re totally hooked.

  4. didn’t the dems figure Newsom is an idiot before voting for him or is it just because he’s a dem? thanks for that!

  5. If the other states have prices between $2.50-3.00 California should be around that range. I don’t understand why they keep raising the gas tax. What are the different gas taxes besides the state and government taxes? Gas also is something that people need and can’t completely eliminate it because everyone needs it to drive their car. There was something on the ballot about ending the gas taxes, but then there were a bunch of ads about saying it would cause unsafe roads. I don’t believe it cause the roads to be unsafe or end the Move L.A. campaign. If politicians want to charge a lot for gas why don’t they pay for it and at least stay around the range of the rest of the country? Is there something that can be done so politicians can’t gouge people anymore? I would have them reimburse people for gas or give them vouchers to get gas. Also, have another refinery open up so gas won’t go up that dramatically.

  6. I’m sorry Craig, I can’t totally agree with the “refinery story” because we California residents hear this same explanation every year–it’s now become an age-old broken record! It’s more than just the refineries, it’s about the environment. The communists in Sacramento want every resident out of their cars because they hate oil, oil refineries, and gasoline–any fossil fuel product because, “they say”, these products hurt the environment and pollute the air. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT in California. This is why there are sooooo many taxes and regulations on certain businesses because the environment extremists are “trying to save the earth” and California is to lead the nation as an example of a “greener state”. Gasoline is needed for every resident to drive their cars and gasoline comes from refined oil. Gasoline pollutes the air through our cars (part of the so-called “carbon footprint”) so it has become a “stain” on the environment. This is also the reason for building the “bullet train to nowhere”, redesigning the streets to add more bicycle lanes, and the reorganization of the metro bus system (run on CNG fuel by the way) in the entire state. They want us out of our cars and either riding buses, taking trains, and/or walking. The gas prices will continue to rise as they did some years ago up to $6.00 and $7.00 a gallon–only in California, no other state in the nation. They (the environment extremists) want to provoke an emotional outrage from the residents, blame the oil companies as they always do, and then bring in “their solution” which is, why doesn’t every driver get out of their cars and just stop driving, and take public transportation, bike ride or walk–their overall solution to the gas price hike and one of their means to save the environment. This is more than and deeper than just the rise in gas prices–the agenda is to outlaw driving cars in this state. It will continue until the communists in Sacramento are stopped. California has been literally decimated by the Democrat/communist legislature, assembly, senate, attorney general’s office, and others. This agenda should be coming more clearer to the residents of this state by now.

  7. I’ve seen dirt roads that are smoother than some of the paved roads in CA… Some of the paved roads in Torrance haven’t been repaved n over 30 years !!!

    Newskum’s response is nothing more than his way to ‘deflect’ blame of the policies of himself and his party. And look how many brain dead people will just accept it…

    And for correction purposes, the July 1, 2019 Gas Tax Increase you have listed as $0.05. I heard it was $0.08..

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