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FreedomFest: Best Event Ever – Here is What You Should Know

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I’ve been a speaker at every FreedomFest since it began over 10 years ago.

This one had to be the best event yet.

The energy and enthusiasm of the audience were intense.

The content was rich.

I introduced my new book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know to the audience. It was a standing room-only crowd. The room was so packed that people stood outside just to listen. I explained things most people don’t understand about the Deep State, including the nature of bureaucracy and how the Deep State leads to the evils of socialism and stateism. You can buy it here. [https://deepstatebook.com]

I also gave a talk on How to Grow Your Company Under Trump: 23 New Trends in Marketing & Advertising. Business owners as well as those involved in nonprofits came from all over the world to learn about the newest techniques in marketing, and how to market in today’s world to raise funds and mobilize politics and society.

I was also the moderator on a panel session called Innovate! How Technology Breaks Open Our World and Our Freedom, where Zafar Khan spoke about new ways of privacy, Joel Stern spoke on new business structures and Sean Worthington spoke on what’s next with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. I spoke about the amazing advances in advanced database modeling and digital marketing.

And the speakers were great.

Keith Fitz-Gerald, Doug Casey, Mark Skousen and many others provided great insight into investing.

Steve Forbes and Grover Norquist engaged people on the economy and politics.

For examples, Grover Norquist declared to the audience that he believes President Trump will sign an executive order indexing capital gains to inflation. This will further create a booming economy, including stocks.

Economist Steve Moore showed the attendees why the economic boom will continue at a job-creating, wealth-producing 4.5-5%. This is because of deregulation and lower taxes.

What about China? Steve said, “Trump is going to win on trade. China is going to back down.” Why? If China doesn’t, the dangers of a severe recession could cripple the country.

A panel with my old friend Pat Nolan and Senator Mike Lee on criminal justice reform presented powerful evidence for big changes. The two were also on a insightful panel on future reform and government abuse.

Another great panel (get the CD!) was with Matt Kibbe, Senator Mike Lee, Representative Tom Garrett and Representative Thomas Massie: Republicans Gone Wild: Reaching the Liberty-Curious Generation.

Mark Skousen (the organizer of the event) and his team did a fabulous job for close to 2,000 people, the largest turnout they have ever received. There were also over 200 speakers.

The content of this year’s FreedomFest was invaluable, whether you’re a business owner, investor, or interested in politics, economics and philosophy.

I especially want to thank my subscribers who came. I had subscribers from Direct Marketing Update, Reality Alert and Huey Report  who came up to me to say hi. Many asked me to sign their books – either The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know or 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital. It was so great meet and talk to you. And thank you for all the encouragement.

Incidentally I was co-signing my book at the book signing with Bob Poole. I’ve known Bob since he first started Reason Magazine. I helped him with his marketing and helped him generate initial funding for the organization. His book Rethinking America’s Highways: A 21st-Century Vision for Better Infrastructure is an awesome read. And it was great to see him again.

An event like this shows you that there are many people working to fight for freedom, to roll back collectivism and to fight stateism.

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  1. Hi Craig,
    Wish I’d heard about Freedom Fest before it was past history. I would have been there. I’ve been to your events before and you are an inspirational resource that should be shared.. I would like to have you deliver your message in person at my Church, Branch of Hope, in Torrance near Crenshaw and Carson. However, I’m not a decision maker, just another sheep in the flock, or maybe that’s sheep dog in the flock. Voting is an important part of the equation that helps the good side win our battles peacefully rather than going down the other path. Sometimes folks need a strong dose of motivation to help keep the ball rolling all the way to election day. So, to help me do my chosen part, I would like to know if you have any material with your bio and summary of your church work so that when I approach my Pastor with the subject of an invitation, I can leave him with your info in his hand along with your email and contact numbers. My approach will be to present the material, tell him why it would be to the benefit of the congregation to have you speak and then let him alone to ponder the proposal and sell himself on the idea. If you have some material like I’m requesting, please let me know and I will come by your office and pick it up. Thanks and God Bless, Clark Rozas

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