Don’t Be Misled about Fracking Contaminating Your Water

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The EPA hates fracking. EPA stands for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Its employees: mostly Obama’s liberal environmental extremists, not scientists.

They are ideologues using the power of regulation to bypass hearings, the legislative process, and Congress.

So the media, politicians and real scientists are ignored.

In a study that sought to link fracking and water contamination, the EPA has had to conclude that fracking does not contaminate your water.
And the EPA has consistently admitted that there is no evidence that links fracking to groundwater contamination. In 2011, then-EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson told a congressional panel that fracking didn’t show any signs of dirtying drinking water. Now, four years later, the EPA has issued a report that does not produce any new research linking fracking to dirty water.

Research on the water used in fracking proves that the practice doesn’t use that much water relative to the total income states receive. In Pennsylvania, one of the fracking industry’s most profitable states, drilling only consumed 0.2 percent of the state’s total water use in 2011. At this point in time, the economic benefits of fracking far outweigh the alleged economic and environmental costs.

North Dakota has billions in tax surpluses and tens of thousands of new, high paying jobs because of fracking — it is a booming state. California could be the same.

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