Four Shocking Things About President Obama’s Gun Control Agenda

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In the final year of his Presidency, Barack Obama has issued a series of executive orders to combat gun violence. Most worrisome of his proposals, the President is pressing for registration of all gun sales.

He will also rely on Social Security information to determine who is not mentally fit to own a firearm.  Some of his actions rest on legal precedent, while a growing number of his orders will face legal challenges

Undeterred, in his final State of the Union Speech, the President is forcing gun control to the forefront of the 2016 Presidential election, to mobilize youth and hard-core progressive ideologues to vote. His actions, long after he leaves office, while have waged unending attacks against the Bill of Rights.

In his relentless assault against the gun rights, the facts and the law both shoot holes through his gun control agenda. Background checks will not stop mass shootings, proven time and again with clear data. Criminals still find sordid means to acquire firearms.

As for gun shows, the long-winded argument of heated progressives blows nowhere here, either. Gun shows do require background checks, just like any other licensed dealers. Individual private sales between friends and relatives do not fall under that scope. And why should they? Friends and neighbors selling guns to one another have no reason to fear.

Whether President Obama likes it or not, the right to keep and bear arms is a settled issue in the Second Amendment. This right extends beyond protecting hunters’ right to chase fowl, but the right of ever individual to defend himself from a rogue, tyrannical state.

Especially one centered on limiting the sale, ownership, and use of firearms based on faulty, arbitrary data.

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