Forced Vaccinations: Destroying Parental Rights and Health Freedom [Videos]

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Government forced vaccinations are on the march nationwide.

I have a lot of doctors, nurses and dear readers in the medical profession. And many – and I welcome your disagreement – will be upset by this…


In a free society, you don’t force your “good” on others.

And that’s the case of government forced vaccines.

Some have religious problems with some or all vaccinations. Some have problems with some or all vaccinations because they believe that parents’ rights

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trump politicians/bureaucrats. And many question the need for over 20 different vaccinations with a variety of chemicals and side-effects. Health freedom is critical in a free society.

I believe in health freedom-whether the people are right or wrong in their personal decision.

The alternative health movement was laughed at and mocked 15 years ago. Today, “medical science” and the “pharmaceutical industry” have shown to have been wrong many, many times.

Now in California, the social engineering politicians are trying to remove any opt out exemptions from their medical orthodoxy.

Yet, many still object.

Here are some examples of vaccinations gone wrong.

Click here to watch, about 3 minutes long.

Click here to watch, about two and a half minutes long.

Click here to watch, about 2 minutes long.

It’s time that those who believe in health and those who believe in individual freedom oppose the liberal politicians and the growing Nanny State.

What do you think?

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