Finally… PTSD: Pain, Trauma, Sorrow, Depression

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PTSD plagues many.

Sometimes, we think to only those who have been traumatized by war.

But it can also be a traumatic event in ones life.

And many people suffer from it but don’t even know that they have it.

My wife, Shelly, recently wrote a poem that has a powerful message that relates to how so many feel and about the powerful hope that Jesus Christ can bring.

I encourage you to read it:


Bottomless waters
Endless fires
Cascading rivers
Darkest battles

When I’m in the deep waters of pain, I will not be overwhelmed
When I’m in the rivers of sorrow, I will not drown
When I’m in the battles of depression, I will not quit

I feel alone BUT I’m not
I feel tired BUT I will rest
I feel empty BUT I will be filled
I feel trapped BUT I will be still

His consuming fire burns down my fear
His rivers of hope drowns my sorrow
His living waters of healing overwhelms my pain
His battle on the cross ends my depression

Alone but one
Tired but freed
Empty but filled
Trapped but still

His courage
His joy
His peace
His hope


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