FBI Caught Again Abusing FISA and Spying on Americans See Petition Below

FBI Caught Again Abusing FISA and Spying on Americans [See Petition Below]

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The FBI tries to hide their abuse of power. But the truth keeps coming out through Congressional investigations, lawsuits, and whistleblowers.

I have long advocated abolishing FISA and its database and developing a way to stop foreign terrorists without the abuse of power by the FBI and the Deep State bureaucrats.

Section 702 database is one of the most powerful tools the intelligence community has. It contains millions of emails, texts, and phone calls… probably yours.

It’s supposed to be used to prevent terrorist attacks and gather information about foreign governments’ intelligence activities.

However, The FBI has been misusing Section 702 to conduct thousands of searches on Americans.

Here’s what you need to know about what the FBI did.

1) What the FBI did…
The abuse of power is slowly coming out.

For example, the FBI searched the 702 databases for “crime victims, Jan. 6 riot suspects, people arrested at protests after the police killing of George Floyd in 2020.

The FBI misused the database more than 278,000 times by conducting searches that didn’t follow Justice Department rules.

Intelligence Surveillance Court opinion described these abuses, noting that the employee who ran the queries after Jan. 6 did so “to find evidence of possible foreign influence, although the analyst conducting the queries had no indications of foreign influence related to the query term used.”

2) Chronic misuse and abuse of power
The FBI uses Section 702 as a backdoor for warrantless searches to get around the courts—It’s become a tool for the FBI to spy on American citizens.

3) What the FBI was doing, I believe, is unconstitutional
The Supreme Court has ruled that the FBI’s use of Section 702 database, to gather foreign intelligence information or if they believe there is evidence of a crime is Constitutional in the past.

However, a federal court that reviewed how the FBI uses the database threatened to put significant limitations on the agency’s ability to use it if the FBI did not change its procedures.

4) Spying on Congress

An FBI analyst also “conducted a batch query for over 19,000 donors to a congressional campaign” on a campaign the analyst said was a foreign influence target.

What the FBI is doing is unconstitutional under the 4th Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure of Americans.

Congress will soon be voting on whether to continue Section 702, which will expire by the end of this year without congressional approval.

“You can tell your department not a chance in hell we’re going to be reauthorizing that thing without some major, major reforms,” said Sen. Mike Lee to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

5) Excuses, excuses, excuses… but no charges

A senior F.B.I. official said analysts “…had a mistaken understanding of the standard” and were required to undergo training.

FBI Director Wray said he acknowledges these widespread misuses of the database and said the agency fixed the problem recently by making clear to its agents and analysts what they can and can’t search for, and by requiring an FBI agent to put in writing why they are querying the system.

Action Steps:

1) Sign Our petition: Stop FISA: Protect Americans from Government Spying

The FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) has opened the door for continual abuse of power and violates our privacy by allowing the government to illegally spy on Americans.

FISA warrants are issued by secretive courts that oversee requests for surveillance against “foreign spies in the United States.”

Abuse of the process has occurred, and U.S. citizens have been unconstitutionally spied on. It’s time to prevent this abuse of power from ever being done again.

This is not about Republicans or Democrats. This is about protecting the Constitutional rights of Americans.

The Deep State bureaucrats not only want power, but they are trying to push their ideological viewpoint every single day—and trying to keep it covered up.

We need transparency to stop this lousy law now.

Make your voice heard now and urge Congress to abolish FISA to protect Americans from government spying. *

[click here to sign the petition: https://www.electionforum.org/fisa-petition/]

2) Vote for candidates that agree to stop FISA abuse.

3) Buy my new book: The Great Deception10 Shocking Dangers and the Blueprint for Rescuing the American Dream.

It explains the government’s abuse of power and provides a solution [see Chapter 5: Danger #4: Weaponization of Government]

The reviews I’ve gotten so far have been 5 stars, and I know you’ll enjoy it.

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  1. Fed up with the government and its terrorism against its very own citizens AND with the two tier system of justice – despicable. Biden needs to adhere to the Constitution and Congress needs to keep him in check!!!

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