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FBI Abuse of Power: Targeting Catholics in its Assault on People of Faith—10 Shocking Examples You Should Know [Video]

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If you’re a Catholic, you’re possibly a terrorist…

That’s what the FBI has labeled Catholics.

They have been monitoring and investigating churches…

And they are asking partitioners to “spy” on each other and report back to the FBI.

That’s what the FBI has been doing under the radar…

Until a whistleblower revealed what they were up to.

But more disturbing facts are coming out.

Here are 10 shocking examples showing how the Deep State tried to hide and cover up what they were doing— But now is exposed.

1) Catholics are targeted by the ideological Deep State bureaucrats in their anti-terrorism plans

The FBI used undercover agents (at least one has been identified) to develop a strategy of reaching out to Catholic churches to recruit certain clergy and church leaders to inform on churchgoers.

The FBI developed a report called “Interest of Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists in Radical-Traditional Catholic Ideology Almost Certainly Presents New Mitigation Opportunities.”

The report identified Catholics who reject Vatican II and want the restoration of the Latin Mass as “radical traditionalists” because those Catholics reject the church’s adoption of an anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ, and white supremacist ideology.

The report also claimed that these “radical extremists” were a growing threat leading up to the Presidential elections in 2024.

Many FBI supervisors, managers, department heads, and leaders could have stopped this, but they didn’t.

2) The FBI helps stir up fear and hatred of religion

The FBI was involved in a hate crime against Christians by targeting them for their faith.

Labeling Catholics and Christians as extremists and terrorists gives the FBI the excuse to go after people who mostly do not support the radical-Socialist policies of the Biden administration—all so they can intimidate or eliminate their political enemies and people who won’t vote for them.

3) The FBI’s overreach trampled the 1st Amendment right to worship

The FBI is sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution, not ignore or bend it to fit their purposes… In this case, they just decided to trash it all together.

Going to church to worship freely is every American’s 1st Amendment right.

The 1st Amendment is clear that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Freedom of religion is the right to worship without undue interference.

  • The FBI has no right to:
  • Set up “tripwires” within Catholic churches
  • Cultivate sources within the Catholic church
  • Send undercover FBI agents to monitor Catholic Churches

Their campaign was to sow distrust and hatred within the Christian community.

4) If you prefer the Latin Mass, you’re extremely dangerous

Catholics who prefer the traditional Latin mass are primarily conservative.

They are against abortion.

Believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Believe in traditional family values.

And believe in America first…

Everything the Biden Administration, the Deep State, and the radical socialists in the Democrat party are against.

This sheds light on why Biden’s FBI thinks Catholics are a “domestic terror threat.”

The FBI needs to focus on actual crime and lawlessness.

5) FBI’s double standard

The FBI has placed most of its time arresting Christians through the FACE Act rather than investigating the slew of attacks on churches and Christians.

Last year the FBI arrested over 25 Christians for praying close to Planned Parenthood facilities.

Yet there have been hundreds of churches vandalized within the same time, and the FBI has only arrested 1 person, who got off on a light sentence.

There is clearly a double standard.

6) The FBI’s corrupt source is a radical hate group

The whistleblower’s report shows that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a radical hate group, was the source material for the list of “radical traditionalist” Catholics that the FBI decided to investigate.

The SPLC is a radical group that advances a pro-socialist, anti-American agenda. They use stormtrooper tactics to bully, intimidate, silence, and delegitimize anyone who disagrees with their worldview.

This was the FBI’s “credible source…” a group that views church worshipers as terrorists.

The FBI operatives involved in this operation should all be fired, along with the FBI Director.

7) What the FBI should be doing

Instead of going after Christians, they should be doing their job going after real criminals.

The FBI needs to focus on actual threats to our country like:

  • Communist Chinese spy balloons
  • Communist spies within our colleges and industries
  • Real terrorists and criminal cartels crossing the southern border
  • Drug trafficking
  • Human trafficking
  • Crime and lawlessness

8) Attorney General lies under oath to cover up the truth

Attorney General Merrick Garland lied under oath, saying the FBI’s targeting of Catholics was not happening. He also said it was “appalling… I understand that the FBI has withdrawn it [the memo], and it’s now looking into how this could ever have happened.”

Senator Josh Hawley, who has been one of the GOP investigators in the

FBI’s targeting of Catholics, said of Garland’s testimony that “Your [Garland’s] department has turned Catholic congregations into front organizations for the FBI, and when asked about it, you’ve decided to fudge the truth before Congress. This is an unconscionable assault on American Catholic’s 1st Amendment rights and an abdication of your duty to enforce the law without fear of favor.”

Even the FBI Director assured Congress that he was “aghast when he learned of the reports that the FBI was targeting Catholics. We do not conduct investigations based on religious affiliation or practices, full stop.

We have also now ordered our inspection division to take a look at how this happened and try to figure out how we can make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

So, the people at the top didn’t know anything about this?

What a joke.

Of course, they knew it was part of their policies to go after anyone that didn’t agree with the radical agenda of the ideologically driven bureaucracy.

There’s no accountability…

No change…

No firings!

9) The FBI is so corrupt it’s beyond the ability to fix it

When a federal bureaucracy like the FBI becomes so corrupt and weaponized, it is dangerous to the American public and our way of life.

The only way to move forward with an honest and uncorrupted FBI is to tear it down and start from scratch.

That will take us to elect honest and uncorrupt politicians who serve the people, not the government juggernaut.

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