Broadening Internet Liberty: Trump's Opportunity for Leadership

Expanding Internet Freedom: Trump’s Chance for Leadership

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All over the world, Internet freedom is  under attack.

Check out these disturbing statistics among 65 surveyed countries:

  • 50 have seen Internet freedom drop precipitously.
  • In 42 of those countries, government authorities required private countries to restrict or delete subject matter about politics, religion, and society in general.
  • 40 countries have imprisoned people for the views they have shared on the Internet.
  • 28 countries have tried to suppress exposure of corruption and misuse of public funds—all exposed on the Internet
  • 21 countries censor information that criticizes key religions
  • 14 countries have upgraded their online surveillance capacities over the Internet and its users
Internet Freedom (Credit: Save the Internet)

Internet Freedom (Credit: Save the Internet)

I believe that the Trump administration is going to reverse a treaty which President Obama signed, turning over control of the Internet to another private agency—with connections to the United Nations—called “Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers”—ICANN.

Our Internet freedom is too precious, and we cannot afford to allow any country, even our own, to limits freedom of use and dissemination of information online.

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  1. I would like to take a minute to thank you for your help in filling out my ballot this presidential election as well as other elections in the past. Your enlightened conservative wisdom allows me to confirm, as well as challenge my own views. The information you provide regarding judges is invaluable! I previously spent hours deciphering the ballot information, only to discover that on many occasions, I voted the wrong way! I appreciate all you do!

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