10 Family Values Criteria

We evaluate each candidate through thorough research and questionnaires based on key family values.

We are endorsing local candidates who will work to:

1. Reduce the bloated bureaucracies at the school and city levels

2. Provide real solutions to protect kids and families from gangs and crime

3. Improve education standards and schools with better teacher accountability, competition for educational excellence, and support of charter, private and home schooling

4. Govern schools or cities with wise fiscal management

5. Create more accountability of teachers, school administrators and city employees

Craig Huey Family Values Election Recommendations

Family Values determine which candidates Craig endorses

6. Cut waste and inefficiency in the schools and city

7. Achieve independence from—and not become a puppet of—the powerful government unions that prevent needed reform and protect incompetent teachers and city employees

8. Support a parent’s right to send their children to charter and other schools if the local school is failing the students

9. Look to privatize and outsource government services for lower costs and greater productivity

10. Pledge to reduce taxes…and not to vote for new taxes. Watchdog and advocate for the taxpayer. Be pro job growth and business-friendly.