Massacre Attack: 7 Disturbing realities about the escalating hate and violence [Video]

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The Washington D.C. shooting by a Bernie Sanders liberal Democrat has created a massive warning for those shouting “resist.”

This is not about Democrats or Republicans.

It’s about politics transitioning from Democrat/liberal vs Republican/conservative view on issues and policy to outright political violence by liberals and socialists.

It’s about normalizing political violence in America.

Here are 7 things you should know:

  1. Violence and intolerance is exponentially increasing among the “resist” movement.

Conservative speakers and teachers have seen violence and interference at colleges. Cities have seen violence. A crazed Bernie Sanders supporter killed people on a train. Now an anti-Trump, Bernie Sanders supporter attempted to assassinate and wipe out Republican Congressmen and Senators – including Rand Paul and Jeff Flake.


  1. The media is continuing to inflame the hate, hysteria and intolerance.

As I mentioned in my 7 Shocking Facts: The Liberal Press Bias on Steroids article, 89% of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN have distorted reporting that’s anti-Trump. No balance. The biased news is creating attitudes ripe for violence. CNN, the New York Times and others are even defending the N.Y. Central Park play (government subsidized) displaying Trump being stabbed to death.

The night before the shooting, I watched KCAL TV in Los Angeles. 94% of the show, anti-Trump. 88% unbalanced liberal reporting and commentary, not news.

Dave Bryan, the lead political reporter, has long lost all objectivity and created a constant biased, slanted reporting that could only leave viewers angry, upset and disgusted –but it was all twisted reporting and not fact or balanced. It was a forum of hate speech.

And the night of the assassination attempt: it wasn’t even the lead story. The lead story as 3 minutes of anti-Trump hysteria based on unconfirmed “leaks” from the Justice Department.

Then the second story was 3 minutes about the shooting with no mention that the shooter was a liberal, ideolog follower of Sanders…and no mention the target was Republicans. Only viewers who stayed for another report 30 minutes later would discover that it was Republicans.


  1. The politicians’ emotional obstructionism has fueled a climate of hate and anger based on lies. The liberal Democrats have become obstructionists to every Republican effort to improve the economy, healthcare and more.

And it’s based on the narrative of 1) Russian Collusion and 2) obstruction of Justice.

No facts. No evidence. There have been investigations, ex FBI head James Comey testimony, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions testimony– not a shred of evidence.

Total lies. Watch Tucker Carlson trying to find one piece of evidence from a Democrat Spokesman. About 7 minutes. Watch here:

Debate the issues. Debate policy. But stop the innuendos, myths and speculations and the climate of hate and anger.

Get legislation passed for the good of the country.

  1. Thank God there were guns – a massacre averted. Two Capitol Hill Police are heroes, despite being outgunned with their handguns by the attempted killer with a rifle. But it brings back the need for the average citizen to be able to have a gun to protect themselves and others.

The liberal Governor of Virginia played gun politics at the press conference calling for gun control, as has other politicians and the biased media.

Incidentally, this violence took place in a “gun free” zone.  This was not “gun violence.” It was political violence.

Gun control would not stop this attack. In fact, the type of gun used was already illegal in the assassin’s home state.

The shooter did threaten the President on Facebook. But where was the FBI and law enforcement?

Good guys with guns saved innocent lives from a hater with a gun. Thank God.

  1. Protect the Congressmen. The violence and anger at the Congressional townhalls requires we now make sure Congressmen and senators are protected by guards. Sad. But necessary.
  2. The intolerant left must be opposed by the Democrats and liberals.

The Democrats and liberals are fueling hate and anger.

They do not want to discuss policy.

They have crossed the line.

They will not speak out against the inflammatory language from their party.


  • Anti-Trump
  • Anti-Free Enterprise
  • Anti-Christian

Congresswoman Nancy Pelose blamed Fox News for the Violence!

Conservatives, libertarians, Christians and Trump supporters have regularly been called Nazis, fascists, bigots, haters of Muslims, women, blacks, homosexuals…”haters.”

After the shooting Huffington Post writer Jesse Benn tweeted:

It’s an all out, organized assault fueled by the liberal media and liberal politicians. Will they call for thoughtful disagreement? Will they condemn the rhetoric and anger? Or continue their climate of hate?

What if it was Republicans and conservatives rioting, shooting, killing and demonizing liberals? What would they say and do?

Here’s another video on the “Out-of-Control Violence From the Left.” Watch here:

  1. Let’s pray with thanksgiving and unity.

My prayer is Democrats and Republicans will come together to work on Americas problems and stop the hate.

I was encouraged by the Democrats who prayed after the shooting.

I hope they will step up and tell their leadership to stop the madness and become civil.

Watch Senator Tim Scott talk about prayer and our Christian heritage in light of the attack. Watch here:

And watch the Congressional prayers. See here.

Let’s pray for Congressman Steve Scalise and the others shot for a quick and full recovery…and their wives and kids.

And let’s pray the fear, terror and interference with our peaceful form of government not prevail or ever slow or interrupt Congress so they would more swiftly or necessary legislative changes.

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  1. Excellent points! My interesting observation is Republicans talk about “doing the work of the people” while the Democrats talk about “how do we get votes”! A 180 contrast approach to solving the issues of this nation that speaks volumes. Unfortunately, I just do not see the Democrats ever stopping all their hate for this country and President Trump. Pelosi still had to say the Democrats were there to win the Game, although, it was a game for Scalise. All they want is power and control and seem to have no end to accomplishing that goal. I say they need to go start their own country somewhere else outside the USA and then they can do whatever they want and see how far they get!

    1. all points valid. Ephesians 6, we are not to be naive and think that the left is doing this on their own…. The more implementation of Godly and American values are espoused, the more the left screams……..that should tell us something…..also, the big catalyst is around the corner, the rapture, when those “bigoted, close minded Christians are gone, and finally humans can achieve greatness” .

  2. What I’m seeing now, is God really exposing Satan’s deviousness and manipulation of Man… And time and time again, He is striking down those devious plans! It’s been a beautiful thing to see.
    “He captures the wise by their own shrewdness, And the advice of the cunning is quickly thwarted. Job 5:13
    For many who were on the fence, (Like some staunch Democratic voters) they’re seeing for the first time, this irrationality and insanity from the Dems and they’re leaving the Democratic Party. Even in all this ugliness and chaos, God is using it for His Good Purpose, and He certainly, (much to the chagrin of Satan!) is using President Trump.

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