Election 2016 Presidential Alert: Spotlight on Cruz and Rubio [Video]

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Who Else Is Endorsing Ted Cruz?

More influential evangelicals are lining up behind Ted Cruz. Who are they?

Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family

Brian Brown, National Organization for Marriage

David Barton, Director of the Keep the Promise PAC

Unlike other front-runner conservative candidates like Donald Trump, Ben Carson,  and Marco Rubio, Cruz has expanded his outreach to Christian communities, engaging churches and registering voters.

Rubio Shoots Down Liberal Arguments for Gun Control 

Sen. Rubio consistently argues that gun control is not the solution, pointing to the facts that no proposed measures would have stopped any of the major shootings over the last few years. The Washington Post fact-checked his statements and concluded he is correct.

Rubio emphasizes that our biggest security threat is homegrown terrorism – and the only way to counter these attacks is to use intelligence to prevent them before they happen and ultimately to defeat ISIS.

Watch him explain his position on gun control, despite the liberal push-back.

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