Election Insider Three Things to Help You Vote for the Right People and Look to the Future of Influencers in Politics

Election Insider: Three Things to Help You Vote for the Right People and Look to the Future of Influencers in Politics

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    1. Voter Guide: Know How to Vote For Your Values in this Primary Election

    Our voter guide will be up and ready to be reviewed within the next week.

    It will be on several websites, including craighuey.com or electionforum.org. Just click on Voter Guide.

    You can look at your geographic area now and see if your election options have been rated.

    Nationwide, the judges will all be rated.

    For California, we have all the top elections from Northern California to Southern California. For areas with enough funding, we go down to the school board, city council, and local races.

    For those in TN, your voter guide will be up by February 13th and will cover the areas that have been funded.

    For those in other states, we have resources available for you to see who to vote for as well.

    Call CC at (615) 490-8832 for how much your area would cost.

    Please donate if you would like to help fund your area or help us in our outreach.

    To donate to market and promote the voter guide to help us win in 2024, you can do so by going to the Turn America Around fund.

    You can donate to our Turn America Around Fund in the following three ways.

    1. Online – Click HERE.
    2. By phone – Call 1-866-382-2226.
    3. By mail – Send a check to:

    Turn America Around Fund
    1313 4th Avenue North
    Nashville, TN 37208

    If you’re interested in sponsoring an area, send me a note at craig@craighuey.com or call C.C. at 615-490-8832.

    1. Will Democrats Lose House Seats in 2030 Reapportionment?

    Six democratic states will lose 12 House seats in the next 2030 reapportionment.


    Because of the mass exodus from blue states to red states like:

    • California
    • New York
    • Illinois
    • Minnesota
    • Rhode Island
    • Oregon

    All the above on the present trend, would lose a combined 12 House seats in the 2030 reapportionment.

    The winners? Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Utah, and Idaho would collectively gain.

    If not for illegal immigration, population declines last year would have been far greater in California, New York, Illinois, and Oregon.

    The Democrats hope counting illegal immigrants in the census would save them.

    1. Is Taylor Swift endorsing Joe Biden?

    Can she be his biggest “influencer?”

    Everyone in political circles is talking about Taylor Swift and her political activism.

    Most believe that she will be backing Joe Biden in this election.

    The democrats took it upon themselves to start speculating that she would endorse Joe Biden at the Super Bowl.

    I’m not counting on it, but it could happen.

    More powerful than Taylor Swift are all the influencers Joe Biden has been using as a major part of his campaign strategy, which is something the republican party is not doing.

    Recently one influencer caused them to cripple our energy system by banning liquified gas production.

    If you want to know more about how Biden has used the influencers, see our article: Biden’s Influencers: How His Digital Strategy and Invisible Army Will Help Him Crush Republicans in 2024– Will Republicans Wake Up in Time? 

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