Economic Showdown: Free Market Economist vs Pro-Socialist Economist’s Economic Fantasy and Nonsense [See Video]

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Here’s an awesome example of how economic illiterates who consider themselves to be pro-socialist “progressive” Democrats talk about economic fantasy and nonsense.

My old friend Charles Payne had a free market guest, Patrice Onwuka, and an economic Democrat socialist guest, Laura Fink. The debate on the economy turned into a chaotic mess.

Fink couldn’t help herself with her Berni Sanders/Elisabeth Warren/Biden economic fallacies.

Watch her using nonsense rhetoric to talk over Payne and Patrice and spout gibberish, illogical, incoherent economic sense.

It’s all emotion-based. Her argument was to justify the government intervention and Modern Economic Theory, which has no rational basis.

Obviously, Fink does not know how to run a business. She doesn’t know how the free market works. All she knew was that she wanted more power to control the economy… which is a road to destruction.

I encourage you to watch this video clip of the chaotic example of how to argue with a socialist and economic illiterate.

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