Dramatic Business and Consumer Post-Pandemic Shifts [Video]

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In marketing to your target market, has it changed since the pandemic?

One example is how companies are leaving cities…and, so are consumers.

A massive exodus from the deterioration in cities caused by bad government polices is taking place.

High taxes.




Incompetent governments.

Some states, counties, and cities continue to impose huge restrictions on busines and freedom. 

One aspect of this is opportunity for providing goods and services for those moving.  If you are interested in data and analytics, or digital positive tests, contact Jeremiah at 615-933-4677.

People and businesses are fleeing the historic state of Nevada. 

Watch this video with billionaire Peter Rex, who is leaving a blue, pro-socialist state for a red pro-free-enterprise state.

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  1. We’re seeing lots of building in the country out here in Georgia below Atlanta… It seems to be picking up even more since Covid and we are bracing ourselves and expecting a great influx from blue to red particularly Georgia and Florida and other red states that are deregulating and more respectful to Our constitutional liberties

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