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Department of Injustice: False Accusations, Wrongful Imprisonment, and a Trampling of Justice – 4 Things You Should Know [Chilling Tucker Video]

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It’s war. And injustice.

It’s war not against a foreign enemy or violent terrorists.

It’s war by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against those opposed to socialism, bureaucracy, and the U.S. Constitution against those for capitalism, freedom and limited government.

The enemy: “Domestic Terrorists”.

The video (Click HERE to view) below reveals how Biden Administration’s politics has infected the actions of the federal government by weaponizing the Deep State bureaucracy against political opponents.

The purpose: to demoralize and silence opposition.

This is what socialism does.

This is the danger of big government and growing bureaucracy.

This is the Biden Administration’s Department of Justice using the power of the state to crush its enemies.

Watch this video of the injustice of falsely arresting, imprisoning, and destroying one family only because they are political opponents of the Washington Socialists.

Don’t let this video scare you or demoralize you.

Let it resolve and ignite the desire to stand up, speak up and mobilize against socialism and its destructive overreach.

This 5-minute video is chilling. Watch how the government is unjustly destroying this couple.

Then pray for them.

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Let’s turn this around and restore the American dream.

You can watch the video here. Click HERE to view.

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