Cyber War: A Victory for Terrorism-7 things to know

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1.    Obama’s Non-Response

The U.S.’s hesitation to publicly respond to the terrorism will only provoke more attacks by North Korea and encourage others. China, Russia, Iran, ISIS, and more are already trying to attack.

And it is possible the communist Chinese assisted North Korea in the cyber attack.

Want to find out why we’re vulnerable to cyber attacks? Click here to watch this video, roughly one minute long.


2.    Next

Sony was a private U.S. company (true, it’s a subsidy of a Japanese company). Expect more companies to be hacked. And look for infrastructure attacks also—look out for attacks on the electric grid—or your bank or investment account—or the Department of Defense and the NSA….yes, even the IRS.

Anything is possible.

3.    Attack on Freedom.

This was an attack on free enterprise, privacy (corporate emails, contracts, etc.), and our freedom of creative expression was illegally violated.

What would happen if Iran wanted to stop the historical political war film “Argo” from theatrical release…..or any other film depicting similar political issues?

4.    The Purpose of Government is to protect us.

In the modern world, government protection should include:

·         Protection against unlawful spying by the government itself

·         Protection against unlawful threats (bombing or threatening)

·         Protection against unlawful disruption of commerce

The government is failing to protect us.

5.    The NSA

If anything, the NSA should be protecting us from attacks, not using billions of tax dollars to spy on us.

6.    Government needs to protect freedom

It’s time for the government to protect us. Monitor and fight cyber attacks. Share information with private companies. Be proactive.

7.    Attack the Source

North Korea needs to be punished. Putting it on the “terrorism” list again is a tiny step. It’s not likely the 6 hour internet shut off in North Korea was caused by the U.S, but if it was it should be announced publicly and with pride. Let’s demonstrate our cyber skills to destroy their nuclear build up.

And let’s proclaim to the North Koreans the truth about their madman dictator. Let’s tell them about freedom and give them hope for a change.

Let’s take a proud stand against repression– for the thousands of Christians tortured and killed…and for political dissidents in forced labor camps…

That type of action is what is called the Reagan Doctrine – and it works. Let’s hear the President say, “Mr. Kim Jong-un, tear down your closed borders, free the religious and political prisoners. Stop threatening the U.S. and your neighbors…

Want to find out how the US should respond to North Korea’s cyberattack? Click here to watch this video, roughly five and a half minutes long.

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