Crime Spikes Nationwide: What the Defunding Movement is Doing is Destroying Lives, Property and Safety of the Public

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Across the United States, violent shootings and deaths of innocent people are up.

Children, innocent women and people with no association to crime are victims like never before.

Much of this crime escalation is from voters who elected District Attorneys of major cities that are radical pro-socialists.

Under the rhetoric of “judicial reform” and “judicial justice,” the crime spike has been destroying lives and property.

As many readers know, I’ve been an advocate for “real judicial reform.”

Too many innocent people have been arrested for non-violent crimes and have gotten sentences that are too long.

And the transition from prisons back into the public has been an epic failure.

But that does not mean you open the floodgates and release criminals that shouldn’t be on the street.

Even gang units and police infrastructure that protect the innocent have been destroyed.

The District Attorneys have gone a step further in undermining the police to be able to do their job.

The police in many cities are not arresting people. Morale is being destroyed.

The police are letting crimes go because they know there will be no justice.

California is a classic example.

Both in San Francisco and in Los Angeles, pro-socialist George Soros backed the DAs when they have spent millions on the candidate to get elected.

Sadly, voters fell for the lies and deceit.

Sadly, many people did not vote or voted for the wrong candidates.

This has to change.

In Sacramento, just in the month of March 2021, shooting victims were up by 333.33%.

But it’s not just a crime spike of theft, shootings, and looting.

Prisoners across the nation have been released unfairly too.

Signing on behalf of the prisoners who are violent or could be violent, is dangerous to the public.

And yet that is what is happening.

Just in California, 18,000 prisoners were released “due to COVID.”

And now they are talking about 76,000 prisoners who will be released by Executive Order of Gavin Newsom, despite crime spiking throughout California.

94,000 who should have never been released.

Violent rapists and murderers who simply because of “good time credits” are released.

“Good time credits” mean nothing.

It’s for simply getting along.

This is not justice.

This is the height of injustice.

That is why it is so critical that people vote for the right DAs, the right mayors, the right council members…for their own security…

And for state legislatures and state government elected officials to help enforce law and order.

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  1. Due to the decline in the number of Policemen, perhaps the early release of military men and women will help especially when the time served in the Police would be added to their military retirement when they return to the military service

  2. I suggest you contact pastor Tim Thompson, 412 Murrieta Church, Murrieta, CA. Pastor is working on putting qualified Christians on the ballot for EVERY OFFICE IN RIVERSIDE COUNTY. That means every city and yes, every board.

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