Crime Fear: What Would You Do if Your Car Was Attacked by a Mob? [Shocking Video]

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Tara Durant and her young daughter were in their car.

Out of nowhere, they were overcome and attacked by a vicious mob.

What would you do?

Drive and run over someone?

Call the police and ask for help?

What if you dialed 911.

What if the 911 dispatcher said they could not help.

And, what if the mayor said the mob could not be stopped?

In fact, what if your mayor supported the mob?

Katherine and her crying child were terrified.

They had no police or government protection.

People have been killed and beaten by mobs.

What would you do?

Watch as this frightened mom cries out for help.

Click here to watch this 2-minute video.

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  1. Left with no choice but an angry vicious mob surrounding you to beat you or even worse kill you.

    Run them over and if they get killed so it be.

    1. Run them over. They could die, permanently paralyzed, or whatever. Let it be.
      (Each of us may have different opinion over which one is more suitable for them)
      You were faced to make a choice: Either your family dies (or paralyzed), or they do.
      I suggest you make a responsible choice.

  2. After they broke my window. I would floor the gas in the direction of less people and go to a safe place and call my attorney.

  3. 1. Cry out to Jesus for help
    2. Call 911
    3. Take pictures/video
    4. If help is not coming or it gets extremely dangerous or life threatening, floor it in least crowded direction and ask Jesus for forgiveness.

    1. Sounds like a very reasonable plan to me. I’m not sure I would take the time to video with my panicked daughter next to me!

  4. I have been a victim of mob violence in massive number. If it wouldn’t have been interrupted they would have beat me to death. The PTSD last a life time in my case over 60 years. I had a passenger once from the protest and she was supporting violent actions. I told her I had been a victim of mob violence and if they blocked my way I would assume they meant harm and would run them down. She continued to try and justify their actions. I told her, “You or no one else has the right to hurt innocent people and if you did that would make you as guilty as the cop you were protesting about.” She than changed her story and said, “Those were infiltrators.” I was surprised when she left my vehicle she looked like she had a change of heart. I didn’t think you could get anything across to these people. Hopefully this will cause her to confront others and make them realize. What would I do, without even thinking about it after having and experience with mob violence would run them down. No questions asked.

  5. Sure, you put the petal to the metal and get out of there quickly as possible. Don’t shoot from inside your car. Everyone in the car is going to be deaf if you do. If a few people get killed or maimed trying to hurt me. “Tough cookies”

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