Controversial Radio/Podcast Interview: Craig Huey on the New Biden Administration and Things to Come

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Craig Huey speaks about economics, the free enterprise system, and the new Biden administration in this interview.

Craig argues the following:

  • In order to lift people out of poverty, you need to have an economic system to do so and this is the miracle of the free enterprise system
  • President Biden has brought in an entire new team of bureaucrats that will increase the power and size of the government
  • This administration will lower the ability of the individual to live freely

Click HERE to watch this 18-minute interview.

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Comments 3

  1. And I’m disheartened with the new Biden administration’s proposed changes to the capital gains tax and stepped-up basis. The intended capital gains tax will increase to 39.6%, the highest capital gains increase in U.S. history. In addition, it would NOT include a step-up basis.

  2. Craig, FYI. We should have the magic number to recall Newsom soon. We have 1.4 million last I heard. Choosing a replacement might be a problem though. BTW, we all miss you.

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