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CNBC Deceives the Investor and Business Community: Their Crazy False List of 10 Worst States for Business and Living

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CNBC has long been biased.

It’s a pro-socialist, pro-big government propaganda machine for the Democrat socialist that caters to an audience of business owners and investors.

One of the most recent examples of their bias is that they published an article on the “10 worst states” to live in and work in 2023.

What were their criteria? Their survey included “quality of life issues” like “voting rights,” “reproductive rights,” and “inclusiveness.”

That type of criteria is based upon a big government and secular point of view.

Here are CNBC’s 10 “worst” states to live and work in.

  1. Texas
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Louisiana
  4. South Carolina / Alabama (tie)
  5. —-
  6. Missouri
  7. Indiana
  8. Tennessee
  9. Arkansas
  10. Florida

It’s interesting that these states were the states that did not stay in lockdown and allowed individual freedom and businesses to grow and flourish, while other states under lockdown were crushed and destroyed jobs.

And even more interesting, every one of these 10 states is a red state… a Republican-run state.

CNBC’s report doesn’t mention that in 2022, 318,000 more people moved into Florida than moved out.

Or that Tennessee ranks #3 in the best states to do business in.

Nor did it mention that another 230,000 people moved to Texas than moved away.

This type of biased reporting by the business press may fool some business owners and some investors, but not many.

As one of thousands who have fled California, let me outline my experience.

I closed my offices in California in 2020 and moved my who operation to Tennessee.

The result?

More income, a better workforce, no frivolous lawsuits, less government red tape and regulations, and no income tax. Overall, I’ve saved about 30-40% on my costs… I have no regrets.

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  1. Awesome Craig…way to call it out…moved my family and business to Georgia in 2012…less perversity in schools, more openness to share the gospel, more law enforcement presence, more second amendment support…all around more healthy, wholesome, and family oriented…no regrets

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