Cities A Flame: Practical Advice on Protecting Yourself If Suddenly You’re Caught In A Riot [Video]

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I ran a video about a women and her child caught up in a riot and what she did.

Here is some practical advice in the Tucker interview about 5-minutes.

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  1. Thank you for showing this, I had no idea it was happening like this in many states. I cannot use a gun, I’m 83yrs old & even at 40 tried to learn, after the Watts Riot, but couldn’t. So I thought there would be some hints as to how to defend ourselves. I would imagine with the woman in car with her daughter, would just drive through very fast & hope no one would be injured, but she must defend herself for danger to her & her child.

    1. I was expecting more information for the many people who find themselves car-bound and overwhelmed with rioters too.
      He gave no information on what to do when your car is crawling with mad people. Only what to do before that happens. “Turn around.” Yeah right.
      So how DID that woman get out of there?
      Too many people are Not going to travel with kids and guns in the car.
      What about all the people who do not listen to the news and just find themselves caught?
      What about the people who do listen to the news but aren’t delivered serious warnings from the news…. it’s being white washed so much.
      Anyone could find themselves in the same position and their only recourse is to drive over people, which was explicitly what the dispatcher told the woman not to do. This is crazy.

      1. bjinps answer is correct!
        Please don’t make a report like this
        ..Unless you give us what you had made up as the reason for the story…
        WHAT TO DO!!!
        … are you making FAKE NEWS. … Too???

  2. I too wished for more information; however, the logical thing to do is keep driving at least at 10 mph until you can accelerate safely. Keeping your windows rolled up and doors locked of course. I just saw a video of a couple of guys in a truck with Trump flags while a mob attacked their vehicle. They just keep driving slowly, held down on the horn and when no one was close hit the gas. The rioters knew they couldn’t overpower them so they waited for their next victim.

  3. It’s strange to me that these riots have been going on so long.
    I was in the National Guard and went to Watts.
    We nor the police were really trained on how to stop a riot…. However…. without the training police and National Guard get and have today, we stopped the riots in less than two weeks.. What’s the problem now???? I guess we have mayors that are cowards and careless for the people they serve.

    I am on your e-mail group and want to thank you Craig for keeping me informed.

  4. What leaders are terrified to say is this: You have the right to protect yourself if you are in fear of your physical harm or your life is in danger. The advice about driving slowly through the crowd is sound, however, if that is not possible, you drive as fast as you can through that crowd and you don’t stop until you get to safety. Call the police and tell them everything that happened. Fear of harm and death is a VERY real threat in today’s climate. You have the right to protect yourself and others. Will there be legal consequences? Perhaps, but wouldn’t it better to deal with that than your loved ones planning your funeral? Or you planning your child’s funeral????

    1. Tonight, Tucker discussed this issue of the Constitutional right to self-defense but noted that the ones who exercise that right are being jailed and the rioters are not – even though they have actually murdered in cold blood.
      Re: Kenosha and Portland
      The liberal prosecutors and attorneys have turned everything upside down to create more chaos.

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