Changing Your Medicare/Medicaid Health Insurance Company: Buyer Beware

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Due to proposed changes to Medicaid and Medicare, many readers aged 60 and older will be looking at changing their supplemental health insurance company.

Many of these companies will claim in their marketing literature that they are endorsed by AARP.

That should raise a giant red flag in your mind.


Because AARP spends millions of dollars every year on political advocacy – and probably not the kind of political advocacy you agree with…

AARP supports progressive political candidates and progressive political causes.

They have been one of the main architects and supporters of Obamacare.

They support policies and companies that line their pockets with royalty fees. They do not support the best interests of their 38 million members.

Yet many who oppose big government, socialized medicine and policies that destroy free enterprise actually pay dues to AARP and buy insurance and other products that are endorsed by AARP.

Most people aren’t aware that AARP has 4 sources of revenue:

  • Royalties from insurance companies and other companies seeking AARP’s endorsement
  • Membership dues
  • Government grants
  • Advertising income

The largest revenue source by far is royalties – providing AARP with 46% of its operating revenue. Membership dues account for only about 17%.

AARP favors federal cuts in Medicare and Medicaid benefits … even though most members oppose such cuts.


Because lower benefits mean more people will buy Medicare Advantage or Medigap plans. If people buy the plans recommended by AARP, AARP receives a fat royalty payment.

A very good alternative to AARP is the 60 Plus Association.

Founded in 1992, the 60 Plus Association is a nonpartisan advocacy group with a free enterprise, less government, and fewer taxes view towards issues important to seniors. Two of its top legislative priorities are ending the federal estate tax and saving Social Security for the young.

The 60 Plus Association offers many benefits and discounts to its members.

You can find out more about the 60 Plus Association here.

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  1. Thank you for the good information. Regarding AARP, many people do not know about what AARP is about. Since they need supplemental Medicare insurance they are referred to AARP. Can I share your information with people in other states like Washington and Hawaii?
    Thank you.God bless you!

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