Census Controversy

Census Controversy: 5 Facts You Should Know About Why Progressive Heads Are Spinning [Videos]

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The 2020 Census is coming … and the progressive left is going crazy…

Meanwhile the media is misrepresenting the truth…

They’re calling it unconstitutional … a “huge crisis for democracy”… and more.


Because President Trump wants to add a simple Yes/No citizenship question to the questionnaire.

The California State Attorney General says he is suing the Trump Administration over it … and New York’s Attorney General intends to organize a multi-state lawsuit.

To help you sort through all the emotional rhetoric about this issue, here are 5 facts about the U.S. Census and citizenship you should know:

  1. Those who are claiming the citizenship question is unconstitutional aren’t concerned about the Constitution … they’re concerned about losing power.

You see, progressives fear that if the census questionnaire asks, “Are you a U.S. citizen?” many illegal immigrants will be afraid to fill it out … fearing that it will lead to deportation…

If large numbers of illegals don’t complete the questionnaire, states with large populations of illegals will have their population underreported … and will end up losing seats in the House of Representatives – seats that would most likely be filled by Democrats.

Also, many of the federal block grants and other aid programs given to states are based on population … so if a state’s population is underreported, fewer federal dollars will be given to that state each year for the next 10 years.

  1. Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution requires that a count of residents in each state take place every 10 years.

The purpose of the census is to apportion seats in the House of Representatives according to the population of each state.

  1. Based on the concept of “usual residence” – a principle established by the Census Act of 1790 – the Census Bureau counts:
  • S. citizens
  • Non-citizen legal residents
  • Non-citizen long-term visitors
  • Illegal immigrants
  1. The first census that included a specific question about citizenship was the 1820 census.

Since many of the founders of the Constitution were still alive in 1820 … they would have spoken out if adding a citizenship question was unconstitutional.

Between 1820 and 1950, nearly every decennial census questionnaire asked some form of a question about citizenship.

Between 1970 and 2000 both a short form and a long form census questionnaire was used…

The short form was sent to every household and did not include a citizenship question…

The long form was sent to only 1 out of 6 households and did include a citizenship question.

  1. The personal data supplied by individuals on census forms is sealed from public disclosure for 72 years after a census is taken.

Illegal immigrants do not need to fear they will be deported if they truthfully answer that they are not U.S. citizens.

  1. The only question on the census form that by law must be answered is how many residents there are in the home.

If a census respondent answers a question about citizenship … by law it must be answered truthfully…

But the Constitution also guarantees the right to remain silent … respondents can legally supply the number of residents only … and leave all other questions blank.

Watch Tucker Carlson tackle the citizenship question with 2 guests – one against asking about citizenship status … one in favor of it (about 10 ½ minutes). Click here to watch.

Also watch former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano explain the constitutional issues regarding the citizenship question on the census form (4 minutes):

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  1. The progressives and the media,when talking about Immigrants, never use the word illegal. They want all to believe conservatives are against immigrants.

  2. First I am a naturalized citizen who has lived here more than 50 years when my parents brought me here. I consider it an insult what the left is trying to pull over immigration. When we came here we had to prove we had a job that did not make current employees to lost their jobs. If we went on welfare we could be deported for being a burden on the state, along with may other things.
    As far as the census why is the left so afraid of finding out the size of the problem? One reason would be that it would show the size of the problem and it would go a long way to deciding how to deal with it.
    Last as far as sealing the documents for 72 years is a law that is only as good as the administration in power. The Democrats know how easy it is to circumvent the law as they have done it so many times in the past. Knowing how corrupt government can be they look at things from the perspective that everybody is as corrupt as they are and no one has integrity. All crooks look at the world that way partially to make themselves feel they are not doing wrong.
    My only concern is that Stalin who votes is not as important as who counts the votes, meaning it is more important who is in charge then what the law is. Describes the left perfectly, lie to get elected then do what you want. That is what is driving them crazy with Trump, he is actually trying to do what he said he was going to do which is scaring the hell out of them.

  3. Thank you, Paul. No one could have said that any better. I knew an immigrant when I was in high school. She was excited to become a United States citizen. She had to live here 7 years before she could become a citizen, she had to learn our Constitution and then take the test, and she had to take an oath to abide by our laws and accept our culture.

    If one really wants to become a citizen, they would not mind doing the same thing s people like you did many years ago. I commend you for it.

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