Censorship: How Big Tech Censors Conservative, Libertarian and Christian Ideas

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Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all claim they are not discriminating against or censoring conservative, libertarian and Christian content.


The media agrees with these Big Tech companies, claiming there’s no censoring of any kind taking place.


In reality, both Big Tech and the biased media are censoring speech they don’t like.


In the case of Google, this is nothing new. We’ve written about its blatant censorship here and here.


Google has blocked this and my other newsletters from expanding.


Now, a shocking new just-released video exposes how Google/YouTube routinely manipulates its algorithm to suppress conservative, libertarian and Christian content – for example, videos from PragerU and Dave Rubin.

A Google insider told Project Veritas that PragerU videos receive “heightened analysis,” and an artificial intelligence program polices distribution … singling out PragerU videos, among others.

This is deeply concerning.

Instead of being a platform for all ideas – as it claims to be and receiving special legal favors for – Google is now becoming the arbiter of truth, preventing millions of Americans from seeing content that presents an alternative point of view.

In addition, a leaked document shows Google employees calling PragerU “Nazis,” and discussing ways to filter out PragerU content.

This is pure bias, and a big step toward eliminating the freedom of speech online.

YouTube/Google currently restricts over 56 PragerU videos, labeling them as “dangerous” or “derogatory” content.

PragerU has been banned completely from advertising its videos on Twitter, and in order to advertise on Facebook, it is required to check a box that labels its videos as political content … whether or not a video contains political content.


This obviously reduces responses to PragerU ads on the Facebook platform.

PragerU has filed a lawsuit against Google for placing 56 of its videos on a “restricted” list which prevents them from being viewed by schools, churches and in homes in which parents desire to filter out pornographic and violent YouTube content.


The outcome of this case is critical. It will determine the future of freedom of speech online.


How is the progressive and socialist media contributing to the stifling free speech?


It is promoting group-think. It is giving only one side to every news report … as if only one version of news exists. It is:


  • manufacturing “news” out of stories concocted from uncorroborated and anonymous sources
  • mixing facts with opinions and not distinguishing one from the other
  • reporting only news that fits its world view and narrative
  • telling audiences what they should think and how they should feel
  • engaging in ad hominem attacks on anyone who disagrees with its world view, or presents a different narrative based on different assumptions
  • promoting its own individual reporters, making them the center of their news coverage


Watch this video that explains how today’s progressive and socialist media has abandoned the concept of a free press (5 ¾ minutes).

Watch this video explaining how Big Tech censorship is attempting an Orwellian group-think society in which the only acceptable speech is what is deemed politically correct by those who control social media (about 5 ½ minutes). Click here.


Here is the Project Veritas video featuring an interview with a Google insider – whose voice has been altered and his face hidden to protect his identity (33 minutes).


Here is a 4-minute video of Google’s vice president of global government affairs and public policy trying to explain why PragerU’s video on the Ten Commandments is on the restricted access list. 


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  1. Want to say something abt the censorship by Google , Facebook, Twitter, u tube , we must fight for freedom of speech and what else can be done in this ?

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