7 Things They Want to Do to “Domestic Terrorists” – Including You

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“Domestic terrorist”…are you one? I’ve been told I’m one. But no one using this derogatory term ever defines it. For example, “Domestic terrorism” by Joe Biden’s top national security team is America’s #1 threat. But they haven’t yet defined what a “domestic terrorist” is… The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has set as its priority to go after “Domestic Terrorist” …

Special Report: War with Iran … Will it Happen? 14 Things Every American Should Know

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Iran is one of several countries where a war could erupt at any time… It wouldn’t be logical. It would be ideological and religious. Here are 14 things every American should know. Be sure to read #7 about the $80 million contract the Iranian government has offered for the assassination of President Trump. 1. General Qassem Soleimani killed by a …

A Visa to Murder: 10 Critical Facts You Should Know About ISIS and the New York Terror Attack

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It was another murderous terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old immigrant from Uzbekistan who pledged his loyalty to ISIS, rented a truck and deliberately mowed down pedestrians and bicyclists in Manhattan. He killed 8 and injured 11. It was New York’s deadliest terrorist attack since Sept. 11, 2001. He came into America on the Diversity Visa Lottery …

Israel Under Siege: U.S. Backstabbing Opens Door to Islamic Violence [Video]

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The current unrest and violence at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Old Jerusalem is, to a large part, the fault of the U.S. and the UN. In one of its final back-stabbing acts against Israel, the Obama administration allowed a biased UN resolution against the Jewish state to pass. Such resolutions in the past have been vetoed by the US, a …

Genocide: Every 30 Minutes a Christian is Killed in the Middle East [Video]

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Despite ISIS being in retreat, Christian men, women and children are being targeted. They are being raped, sold into slavery, beheaded and crucified. The Islamic State is going after Christians in Libya, Syria, Iraq and now Lebanon. Like a jihadist cancer, it continues to spread, systematically slaughtering Christians. It publicly demands that Christians convert or die. Because of it, ancient …

It’s Time for the United States to Leave the United Nations: 6 Strong Reasons Why [Petition]

It’s Time for the United States to Leave the United Nations: 6 Strong Reasons Why [Petition]

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The United Nations is anything but united, and nations who do not  respect human rights are dictating policy and resolutions! But their latest action was the final insult for Christians, Jews, and freedom-loving people around the world. Israel was betrayed by the United States as the UN Security Council adopted a resolution condemning the state of Israel for settlements in …

Save the Christians from Genocide! [Petition]

Save the Christians from Genocide! [Petition]

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Election 2016 has ended. We have a new President-elect, who has sworn to protect Christians and religious liberties. We are certain that Trump will sign Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s HR 4017, legislation that will grant emergency refugee status to Christians in the Middle East. But he can’t sign it if the bill doesn’t come out of committee for a floor vote in …

Vote For--Not Against--Your Values: Join Us for An Election Forum Near You!

Vote For–Not Against–Your Values: Join Us for An Election Forum Near You!

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It’s Election Season! Remember, we need you to vote for–not against–your values. And with 17 Propositions, plus all the confusing, conflicting propaganda out there, it’s very easy to get confused and discouraged, even frustrated enough not to vote at all! Don’t let someone else’s vote determine the future of our state or our country! Come to an Election Forum near you, …

Dangerous and Reckless: How We Have Been Lied to About the Power of ISIS [Video]

Dangerous and Reckless: How We Have Been Lied to About the Power of ISIS [Video]

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Truth v. Lies. In a free society, truth is necessary. But listen to this report, that the U.S. Military Central Command distorted key information about ISIS, and the growing threat of radical Islam in the Middle East and now throughout the world. The Obama administration was even directing Central Command to stop generating military records demonstrating that the Obama-Clinton foreign …