California: About to Approve a More Biased, Far-Left Curriculum? [Petition]

California: About to Approve a More Biased, Far-Left Curriculum? [Petition]

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California, one of the most liberal states in the union, has one of the most liberal K-12 public education curriculum standards in the country.

And it’s about to get worse.

Why should the rest of the country care? Textbook publishers often compile and edit their products in line with California’s standards, since the state is the largest purchaser of textbooks.

The California textbooks are already imbalanced based on the following subjects:

  1. Immigration: celebrating cultures of origin rather than American assimilation
  2. Family and sexuality: radical and anti-biology
  3. Terrorism: It’s often America’s fault
  4. 1960’s: the radical, ethnic groups get featured attention, despite their penchant for violence and lawlessness
  5. Politics: progressive are angels, and conservatives are devils. Ronald Reagan is portrayed as the “amiable dunce” his critics had labeled him, even though he was a thoughtful leader and well-informed communicator
  6. Contemporary issues: anti-trade, anti-globalist, pro-socialist

Now we know why more Millennials hate capitalism and embrace socialism: they have been taught that way!

And numerous factual errors have seeped into California’s new curriculum, too!

  1. New California standards will list historical figures who have been exposed as huge frauds.
  2. Progressivism gets a warm reception, in spite of its sordid past and abusive agenda. They believed that African-Americans should not receive an academic education, for example.
  3. Economic history focuses on Keynesian—big government, heavy spending, deeply-accrued debt—economics, while ignoring libertarian economist Milton Friedman’s research into monetary policy and the free market research of Austrian economists like Friedrich Hayek.

In many ways, California’s proposed new curriculum pushes radical, liberal social engineering rather than teaching history. The American Founders, the fundamental values of this country, the basic elements of American civics have all be left out.

And what little history is taught … is incomplete, inaccurate, or just place unpalatable:

  • Redefinition of sexuality, marriage, and the family
  • Rejection of the Core American values embedded in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.
  • Celebration of anti-American, anti-liberty factions within our country and throughout the world.

But you and I can stop this assault on our educational system, our children, and our country’s future.

The California State Board of Education will meet on July 13 to consider their final approval for this radical curriculum framework.

Please sign our petition here, and send a loud message to the California State Board of Education to reject the adoption of the new, more left-leaning curriculum!

For those who sign the petition, we will keep you informed about what’s happening to stop this travesty of our public education system.

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