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California Deception and Desperation: False Advertising, Gun Control Facts, and Propaganda

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California has been putting up billboards telling people not to move out of California… their list of reasons is a lie.

Over 300,000 individuals fled California in 2021, and the number grows yearly.

Large corporations like Tesla, Oracle, and HP (see Fleeing California) have left.

5.5 entrepreneurs and small business owners leave every week.

To try to stop it, California bureaucrats have spent millions of taxpayer money putting up billboards cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco telling people to stay in California.

But instead of a positive message, it’s a negative message.

For example, the billboards warn Californians going to Texas that the Lone Star state exposes them to mass public shootings in Texas — they took the Texas slogan “Don’t Mess with Texas” and changed it on the billboards to “Don’t move to Texas.”

However, the billboards are telling a lie about mass shootings.

For example, California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation.

Texas has open carry laws that allow people to choose to protect themselves and carry guns. By all measurements, Texas is far safer than California because you have an armed citizenry to deter and stop violent offenses.

A mass shooting is an attack where four or more people are murdered in a public place and is not associated with other crimes such as robbery, theft, gangs, etc.

Here’s what the stats show:

Since 2000, California has experienced 10 mass shootings.

Texas had 6.

Since 2010, California has had 8 mass shootings.

Texas had 5.

Part of the attack on gun rights is about assault weapons.

California has had an assault weapon ban since 2000.

Texas doesn’t have one.

Texas’s violent crime rate has been lower than California’s in 5 of the last 6 years.

Governor Gavin Newsom even has had full-page ads in Texas newspapers attacking Governor Greg Abbott on guns and ammunition during Abbott’s reelection run in 2022.

In the ad, Newsom claimed that “Californians can ban deadly weapons for war and save lives.”

That’s a lie — the stats prove it.

The fact is that California gun controls are not a solution to ending mass shootings or criminals; banning assault weapons does nothing to stop crime.

Under the 1994-2004 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, there was no drop in the number of attacks with assault weapons… And no significant change in total mass shootings.

California bureaucrats and Governor Newsom continued to spread lies nationally.

The poor people in California keep getting more propaganda and brainwashed — with their own tax dollars.

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