Brown & the Democrats: California comeback fraud

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Governor Brown and the Democrats brag about the “California Comeback”:

But it’s not true!

It’s a lie

It’s deception

It’s fantasy

Here are a few facts the liberal politicians ignore:

  1. California should be booming, exceeding the nation in economic growth and employment.
    But California’s growth is behind the national average, and its unemployment is above the national average.
    This should not be.
  2. CalPERS has an unfunded liability of $640 billion
  3. CalSTRS has an unfunded liability of $166.9 billion
  4. State employee health care has $64.4 billion unfunded liability
  5. State controller says we have a $10 billion cash deficit
  6. The Legislative analyst office says we are $350 billion in debt

Oh, and Brown and company say everything is great, no deficit, no problems – let’s pretend and just spend, spend, spend.

Reality will catch up.

How many times can you speak fantasy about creating jobs—they are leaving at a rate of 5½ per week.

And the unemployed and underemployed know they can’t find high paying full time jobs unless they move out of state.

Isn’t it about time we stop denying reality? Email or call


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