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Biden’s Attempts to Pack the Court with Judicial Activists

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President Biden has already appointed more District Court Judges than President Trump in his two years in office.

He has appointed more radical Judicial activists, but most of Biden’s nominees have replaced Democratic Judges, not Republican Judges. So ideologically, it has not yet been a big change.

The most important Judicial Activist elevated Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace retired Judicial activist Justice Stephen G. Breyer.

Biden has had 28 judges confirmed to circuit courts and 68 to district courts, and 68 to district courts. President Trump appointed two to the Supreme Court, 30 to the circuit courts, and 53 to district courts in his first two years.

Of 97 judges appointed in the Biden administration, 73 are women.

The fact that the Senate has been in Democrat control has been key to Biden’s success at packing the courts with judicial activists. The Senate can approve or disapprove a judicial appointment.

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God bless you. 

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