Bad Teachers Protected by Tenure-Soon to End? Powerful Video Briefing

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In California, out of 272,000 teachers, only 2.2 are removed each year.

My wife, who taught for over 15 years, thinks 15-20% of the teachers should be fired.

The teachers union and tenure laws protect incompetent teachers and hurt the kids.

In September of 2014 I wrote about how a California judge ruled in Vergara vs. California that tenure is unconstitutional and hurting kids, especially minority kids. See here.

Now, similar lawsuits are being filed in Connecticut, Maryland, Oregon, New Mexico, Idaho and Kansas.

Finally, something good for the kids… and taxpayers.

Just listen to one student:

“Being a kid in the California system right now is a lot like the lottery,” says Julia Macias, a ninth grader who lives in California’s San Fernando Valley. “You might get an amazing teacher one year and then a not so amazing teacher and you see your scores are reflected upon that.”

To see a powerful interview with Julia and a great briefing on the issue, see here.

Also, did you sign our petition to get rid of predator teachers?

Please do so now by clicking here.

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