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And Finally… Hope in Washington, D.C.

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My wife and I were able to spend the weekend in Washington, DC, where we were able to meet, talk, and listen to Congressman Dan Bishop of North Carolina, Warren Davidson of Ohio, Senator Bill Haggerty of Tennessee, and Lauren Ingram, thanks to Ambassador Services International.

We also got an extensive briefing from Mark Meadows.

I encouraged Laura Ingram to continue to talk on her show about how the GOP leadership has to get up to date on early voting strategies, Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts, ballot harvesting, and advanced data profiling.

One of the highlights was being at U.S. Capitol, where we worshiped and prayed in the Capitol Rotunda.

Nicole Mullins and Danny Gokey led us [see video below]. God is moving even in these dark times in Washington, DC.

Nicole Mullins said about the worship video below:

“So when I stand and sing in the place of history makers… I stand as one who has been redeemed!

I stand and sing in these breathtaking beautiful chambers for those who would never have a chance!

I stand and sing with other saints of God. (Clothed like everyday people) and with a great cloud of witnesses!

Together we raise our voices; we declare my Redeemer lives! You’re the Lord, the God of the city… greater things are yet to come! 

Yes, how great is our God!  

Yes, He is the name above all names!”

These are actually some of the worship songs that we were able to sing in our time in the Capital Rotunda.

Nicole went on to say:

“So we as individuals humble ourselves and pray, we turn from our wicked ways. We seek God’s face (what pleases or displeases him… that his response to situations…)

Then you will hear from heaven heal (redeem our land 2 Chronicles 7:14).” 

Despite the chaos in Washington, D.C., God is still on the throne and is in control.

I encourage you to listen to a portion of the worship and rejoice with us and hope for our future.

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Listen the podcast here: Shocker: Under the Radar – Federal Bureaucracy is Creating a Database on Christians [My Controversial Interview Exposing What is Really Happening in Washington D.C. on national Radio/Podcast]

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  1. Thank you for sharing your time in Washington D.C. And Danny Gokey and Nicole Mullins singing in the Rotunda. God is great!

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