Amazon Censorship: Banning Books of Conservatives, Libertarians…and now Christians – 6 Things You Should Know [Video]

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Amazon is the top seller of books in the world.

But now it’s banning books.

That’s right.

It’s joining with Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to censor ideas it disagrees with.

Here are 6 thing you should know:

1. Amazon started banning books this month.

Amazon has started its censorship of opinion by targeting books dealing with biological facts about homosexuality and transgender ideology.

One of the best books on the subject is from evangelical author, Ryan Anderson.

His #1 selling book “When Harry Became Sally” was banned. No one can buy it.

Incidentally, I recommend you read it!

2. Amazon changed its policy on censorship.

In the last few weeks Amazon altered its content policy to prohibit what it’s calling “hate speech.”

This rule change is starting with books such as Ryan’s.

3. Amazon’s first step could predict its future move.

History tells us these groups start with a small step of tyranny, and within a short time expand it when criticism and the spotlight soften.

4. If you’re a book seller not on Amazon, you don’t sell many books.

Publishers know if you’re not on Amazon, you won’t sell many books.

Most people buy from Amazon because of:

  • Convenience
  • Price
  • Reliability

And it’s the #1 advertising platform that sells books.

5. Ryan Anderson’s book has been on Amazon since 2018.

With three years of being on Amazon, the banning came without warning or explanation.

6. Amazon: the American censor of book content.

The new policy is a major change. It allows Amazon to review and monitor book content in order to censor “hate speech.” The next step will be censoring conservative, libertarian and Christian books Amazon disagrees with.

Click HERE to see a video on the Amazon censorship. It is about 4-minutes long. 

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  1. Freedom to express conservative/Christian ideas is slowly but surely being cancelled by Big Tech and the mainstream media. If this continues we are going to end up like Venezuela, Chile, and Cuba !!

  2. This is not the America my parents and forefathers fought for. We need to write letters make phone calls, be prepared to take action. This suppression and hate from leftist is the first step to tyranny.

  3. I’ve been scaling back my use of Amazon as much as possible since the company showed its opposition to free speech by breaching its Web services contract with Parler. (Were I one of the people invested in the company’s stock, I would sell now.) Unless significant numbers of consumers become willing to sacrifice some on convenience, price, and reliability in service of principle, Amazon’s behavior will continue getting worse.

    On the possibly positive side, it looks like Anderson might have picked up extra sales as a result of Amazon’s censorship: I find the book newly out of stock with sellers that don’t censor their offerings.

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