9 Republicans and all Democrats: A $2.3 billion car tax hike

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California spinning out of control

California Governor Jerry Brown is at it again. We are being hit with a massive car tax.

     But his $2.3 billion California car tax hike would have failed if it were not for 9 Republicans who voted for it.

Here are the 9 Republicans:

     State Senate                  Assembly

Bob Huff                           Katcho Achadjian
Anthony Cannella            Frank Bigelow
Bill Emmerson                  Kristin Olsen
Jean Fuller
Andy Vidak
Mimi Walters


     All Democratic State Senators and Assemblymembers voted for the tax hike–and against the poor and middle class of California.

     The car tax hike naturally included terrible examples of pork barrel spending:

  • A $10 and $20 increase for vessel registration
  • An increase of the smog abatement fee
  • A fee increase on tire sales
  • An increase of the annual vehicle registration fee
  • A surcharge for local air districts on vehicle registrations
  • An increase of the fee for special identification plates for construction equipment, farm trailers, cotton trailers, logging vehicles and cemetery equipment

     Collectively, this translates into an increase of $2.3 billion in charges and taxes for California.

     Newsflash: We can’t afford this now, and we couldn’t afford this before. When will California learn?

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