4 Things the President Didn’t Say about Terrorism and Your Family

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1. Resist the calls to violate the U.S. Constitution by making security more important than freedom.

In France, they gave up freedom… for security… by suspending freedom of the press and other freedoms.

But this is wrong… and unnecessary.

Gov. Christie, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, and Jeb Bush joined Hillary Clinton and liberals wanting greater government control over our phones, emails and text messages.

Senator Paul and Cruz refuse to compromise our freedom while demanding every effort to protect us.

Liberals and progressives call for gun control, violating our 2nd Amendment rights and ignoring the reality that gun control will do nothing to stop Islamic terrorism. It will only make it easier to kill.

2. What the government must do.

  • Defeat, not contain, ISIS. Like a deadly cancer, it can’t be ignored.
  • Secure our borders. Not just with Mexico, but reform the VISA and passport problems that can allow terrorists to come in.
  • No Syrian refugees except the Christians targeted for genocide with 100% proof.
  • Acknowledge it is Islamic terrorism – Obama and Clinton are in denial.

3. Be prepared. You probably already have a communication and meeting plan with your family. In San Bernardino, communication among those involved in the terrorist attack was broken and confused.

  • Have a location escape plan your entire family knows about… just in case.
  • Have a weapon and be trained how to use it.
  • If you are trained, get a concealed weapon permit to protect you, your family and others.
  • Have emergency water, food and a generator.
  • Have cash for emergency and some gold and silver.

Watch and report anything suspicious. It’s prudent to report rather than ignore.

4. The answer is never racism.

We need to be people who reach out to those of Middle Eastern descent. Our problem is with radical Islam, not Middle Easterners or all Muslims.

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