4 Things You Should Know About College Education: How It’s Corrupting the Kids and Helping Destroy America [Video]

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I sent my kids to college at great sacrifice.

They had a good time – lots of fun, lots of friends…but they learned very little except pro-socialist, secular worldview and anti-freedom ideology.

Marxism/socialism has completely dominated every aspect of college education today.

Here are four things you should know:

1. Socialists have complete control.

Some 95% of the professors in history, political science, philosophy, sociology, and economics are not just “liberal” but Marxists/socialists.

85% of all professors are Marxists/socialists in English, math and other disciplines.

The colleges have become a propaganda mill.

You will not be hired unless you agree with the party line. You will be out if you disagree.

2. Students are only given one point of view.

No student that goes to college is exposed to any alternative point of view of faith, of free enterprise, of America being a source of good…of western civilization…of racial progress and equality of opportunity.  

All of that is evil.

All of that is bad.

You only get the Marxist/socialist point of view.  Students who believe anything different are shunned, mocked and discriminated against. They are silenced.

3. There is no accountability for teaching only one point of view.

Public colleges and universities are usingbloated bureaucracies to train and develop an army of politically active, socially irresponsible, pro-socialist political activists who are helping transform our culture and society for the worst.

And the taxpayers are paying for it.

A bloated, politicized bureaucracy.

The bureaucracy:

  • Protects itself
  • Expands
  • Has a political agenda

It does not serve the students. It serves itself and is ideologically driven to use its power and money for political activities.

4. The solution: end taxpayer funding.

The only solution is that these colleges must act on their own, not with taxpayers’ money.

Not only that, but parents must not send their children to these universities unless they have a balanced curriculum.

Some private schools have more of a more balance. Some Christian colleges have a greater balance.

But even to some of those private colleges, it’s more dangerous than worthwhile to send your kids.

American college education is broken and to continue it, continues the path of destruction for America.

Listen to this professor as he stands up against the entire nation of more than 1.5 million college professors. Click HERE to watch the video.

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  1. I have received the information on colleges through the National Association of Scholars since the early 1990s. To me, they have been the leading force promoting Western Civilization and have taken on the Confucian Schools as well as Chinese Communist influence in America. They are combating 1619 with ideas for 1776. Last year President Trump complimented them for their activities. While NAS was for many years a smallish group in the hundreds, I believe that their scope has dramatically increased their group size.
    Leonard R. Friedman, MD

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