3 Things You Should Know About Defunding the Police…

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Across America, cities, politicians, political groups, and media are advocating defunding the police.

Here are 3 things you should know:

  • Cities like Minneapolis and Los Angeles are committed to defunding the police. Despite dramatic increases in crime, they want the money to go to governments and welfare and redistribution programs.
  • The crime spike in cities will get worse.  Police have been badly handicapped and are fighting crime by laws and court rulings.

I was on Varney & Company explaining this a while back (see video here).

  • The “social prosecutors” will continue enforcing corrupt policies that do not work and bureaucracies and political organizations will get rich.

One of the biggest problems for police is police unions. 

They have become a powerful, political organization that protects the few bad cops from being fired – when they should be fired.

In the last election, the police union gave $1,232,000 to pro-socialist democrats.  They gave $163,000 to republicans…and, this was only in California.  It is like this nationwide.

It is time to get rid of waste in the police bureaucracy. 

It is time to get rid of the corrupt police unions.

It is time to have the police protect us both fairly and justly.

What do you think?  Email me at Craig@CraigHuey.com.

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  1. Hi Craig,

    Thanks for your work. What’s your source for “dramatic increases in crime?” I thought it was on the way down.

  2. When the thugs and thieves start rampaging we need an active police force to deal with them. Calling your local politician or social worker to negotiate with a person armed with weapons intent on killing or pillaging is not going to work out well!

  3. Unions at one time served an important purpose, protecting the workers, now it’s about money and power, same with the teachers union, they don’t support the students, parents, or better education. They donate the teachers dues they collect to socialist causes. We need to defund all unions.
    Marcia Redmond

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