Voter Guide 2018 – Vote for, not against your values Webinar [Video]

Craig Huey California 3 Comments

At we are posting our researched recommendations.

If you live in California, the recommendations are up now.

If you live outside California, we are still working on them.

Do you know who to vote for:

  • For the Judges
  • For the propositions
  • For Governor and the other offices

Watch this 30-second video on what happens during an Election Forum.

Click here to see our voter guide now.

Click here to see the current schedule of Election Forums in your area.

For California voters I will do a live webinar on Thursday, May 17th. Click here for details.


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Comments 3

  1. Craig, thank you so much for your voter guide helps us so much to select candidates who reflect our best interest in all offices. Couldn’t vote without it. Am concerned because we still don’t have your selection for the candidate in the 39th Congressional District and would appreciate your making that known soon. Thanks again for all you do to help us vote intelligently.

  2. Waiting to see your choice for Senator & United States Representative.
    Any idea when it would be available?

  3. Craig, who is Young Kim running for representative. I don’t know who she is and you don’t have anything in your primary voter guide on her. Please advise. Thank you.

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